Garden City
Working on the project of landscaping the territory of the office center, T+T Architects filled it with a multitude of ideas capable of giving to the fragment of the former industrial park an air of a comfortable and thought-out public territory.
Т+Т Architects
Vertical City Experiment
Designed for Hong-Kong by Levon Airapetov and Valeria Preobrazhenskaya, the contest project of a skyscraper continues the search for a fresh view of the architectural matter characteristic of these authors, and at the sane time proposes a new look at the grammar of the high-rise architecture.
  • July 10, 2014
  • Julia Tarabarina
City of Suburbs
Until the end of this summer, the Museum of Architecture features the show "Corod Architecturium" ("Architecturium City") dedicated to the studio's tenth anniversary.
  • July 9, 2014
  • Anna Martovitskaya
Lost World
The project of reconstructing "Luzhniki" swimming complex by Asadov Bureau provided for keeping the old building fully intact, augmenting it with a new volume with the intellectual engineering content that would support a complex vegetation eco-system - the "lost world" amusement park - without the dinosaurs, though.
ASADOV architects
  • June 30, 2014
Architecture Flowing
XXII Winter Olympics in Sochi left behind a vast architectural legacy. Besides the sports and housing projects, these are the impressive infrastructure objects, among which a special place is occupied by "Olympic Park" railway station built upon the project of "Studio 44".
Detailed coverage of the contest project of the International financial center in the area of Rublevo-Arkhangelskoe by the consortium "Reserve + Maxwan"
Creative Union ‘Reserve’
Circles on the Walls
In this issue, we showcase one of the most widely discussed interior designs of the year - the restaurant of the famous Central House of Writers, renovation of which was done by the famous architectural bureau WOWHAUS.
Bank on the Polyanka Street
The architects of PANAKOM Bureau, authors of the bank's interior design concept, are sharing about their project.
  • June 3, 2014
Symmetry and Proportion
In the Grafsky Side-street, the architectural company "Group ABV" is designing a large office and business center.
ABV Group
  • May 22, 2014
  • Alla Pavlikova
Sunny Palette
Among the suburban high-rises of Saint Petersburg, the Bureau of Victor Vissarionov has designed a spectacular residential complex with a broad pedestrian boulevard and a landscaped public territory.
Architectural bureau of Yuri Vissarionov
Execution Cannot Be Pardoned
When working in the megalopolis, the architects very often are faced with a dilemma: reconstruction or building a new house? At the example of multifunctional complex on the Vernadskogo Avenue, "T+T Architects" showed to us the benefits and the limitations of each of the solutions.
Т+Т Architects
Black-and-White Duo
Next to "Nagornaya" metro station, upon the project of "Sergey Kisselev and Partners", soon there will start the construction of two residential towers attracting one's attention with their dramatic checkered coating.
Sergey Kisselev & Partners
Brick in Milk
Contest proposal of a residential house on the Vernadskogo Avenue, done by "Sergey Skuratov Architects".
Sergey Skuratov architects
Life on the Level
In Moscow area, architect Roman Leonidov and designer Svetlana Fiantseva are building a residential house whose elongated one-story volume looks like it is opposed to the verticals of the city.
Unity of the Unlike
The project of the residential complex "Wine House" is the result of joint work of Moscow's two largest architectural companies - "Reserve" and SPEECH.
Creative Union ‘Reserve’, SPEECH
Gentleman and Hi-tech
Concrete and glass, stylization and modernity, catholic romanticism and hi-tech metal... Eugene Gerasimov has been able to tie all of these themes into one consistent image.
Evgeniy Gerasimov & partners
Parks of Deluxe Class
Architect Aleksey Ivanov speaks about the all-but-obsolete format of deluxe villa communities, one of the essential attributes of which was a large-scale landscaped territory.
Arkhstroydesign ASD
  • April 16, 2014
Three Parts of a Whole
"Sergey Skuratov Architects" took part in the contest for the best multifunctional design concept of the territory of Moscow's "Artificial Leather Factory".
Sergey Skuratov architects
Island near the House
In one of the picturesque bends of the Skhodnya River, Architecturium" Studio is building the residential complex named "Novogorsk Olympic Village. Resort”.
Green Catamaran
On Moscow's Olimpiysky Avenue, "Asadov Architectural Bureau", together with M-19 of "Mosproject-2", has built the business center "Olympic Hall".
ASADOV architects
Arch Speaking to the River
Aleksey Ivanov's studio "Arkhstroydesign" developed several large-scale urban planning concepts.
Arkhstroydesign ASD
  • March 13, 2014
Red, Green... Striped!
A detailed report of the project by "Reserve" Studio that took the second place at the contest for the concept of a residential complex at the Rublevskoe Highway in Moscow.
Business Activity Beacon
On commission of Nord Star Development, "Sergey Estrin Architectural Studio" came up with the interior design of its new office.
Sergey Estrin Architects
  • February 5, 2014
  • Anna Martovitskaya
Little Green Yards of "Moscow"
The landscape design studio "Arteza" has developed a project of improving the territory of "Moscow" Hotel.
Landscape design studio “ARTEZA”
  • February 3, 2014
  • Alla Pavlikova
Zaryadye History Park
Vera Butko and Anton Nadtochy, participants of MVRDV Consortium, share about the project that took the third place in the contest for the best design of Zaryadye Park, about their impressions from their joint work with Winy Maas, and about what his initial concept was all about.
Overcoming the Context
A detailed story of a housing project on the Rublevskoye Highway, with which "Sergey Skuratov ARCHITECTS" won a closed architectural tender.
Sergey Skuratov architects
  • January 27, 2014
  • Anna Martovitskaya
Loft Near Big Water
T+T Architects came up with a concept for reconstructing and renovating the territory of the factory "Saratov Muka" ("Saratov Flour) that turns the former industrial park into a classy loft-neighborhood.
River Portal
On the bank of the Butakovsky Bay, the architects of ADM Studio proposed to build a multifunctional complex with a large park and a landscaped embankment.
Man-Made Landscape
Upon the project of "Arteza" landscape architects, Moscow area got a garden that is stunning in its variety.
Landscape design studio “ARTEZA”
Transformation Miracle
Moscow got a piece of an almost-European, delicately and classily landscaped territory - located inside the business block "Atmosphere" and reconstructed by the project by ADM Bureau.
Impregnable Bastion
In the Narofominsky district of Moscow Region, "Arkhstroydesign" has designed the shopping center "Avantgarde". The leader of the studio Aleksey Ivanov shares about the project.
Arkhstroydesign ASD
High Bank Views
In a Moscow suburb, on the bank of the Skhodnya River, "Architecturium" Studio is building the residential complex named "Olympian Village Novogorsk. Apartments" that is going to include a school of martial arts and a center of theater arts.