Europe on the Yauza River
ADM Studio has designed a business center in Nastavnichevsky side-street, setting the trend for changing the genre standards. The new center is not a skyscraper glass tower, and not some restricted area with a security point by the gate, but a seemingly unassuming but carefully thought-through European quarter of “office townhouses”.
Palazzo on the Krestovsky Island
Eugene Gerasimov continues his "Italian series" on Saint Petersburg’s Krestovsky Island. Following the "Venice" house, the construction of "Verona" started that combines the features of a country residence and a city palace of the Renaissance epoch.
Evgeniy Gerasimov & partners
On the Green Podium
In the vicinity of the Moscow suburb town of Krasnogorsk, upon the project of Vladimir Bindeman's "Architecturium", the implementation of a new residential area called "Opalikha Village" is beginning.
  • June 18, 2015
Today is the Question!
Ilia Mukosey about the new building of the Museum of Contemporary Art "Garage" - designed by Rem Koolhaas
OMA, BuroMoscow, FORM
  • June 12, 2015
Urban Reconstruction
The project of reconstructing Saint Petersburg’s Gostiny Dvor is meant to bring the plan and the outward appearance of the building back to the beginning of the XX century, while its yard is meant to get a subtle combination of the Versailles spirit and the ideals of modern urbanism that is all about comfortable living in a bustling megalopolis.
Studio 44
Life around the Freezer
In the city of Vladivostok, ABD architects are reconstructing the historical cold storage warehouse, are designing the culture and business center, and are organizing the comfortable public territories between these two buildings.
Playing with Matter
Roman Leonidov got a completed but still not-too-load-capacious basement, and an adventurous creative-minded customer that was not afraid of experimenting - which lead to the appearance of a house that one could even have a hard time coming up with the name for - an "X-house".
Star of the Sea
Erick van Egeraat tried his hand at designing the interior of a luxury boat - and won a prestigious prize for it.
Designed by Erick van Egeraat
Double Life of the Facade
Aleksey Goryainov and Mikhail Krymov proposed a "virtual" restoration of architectural monuments as one of the solutions for Moscow's historical center.
Arch Group
Faceted Grisaille
A new building on the Kulneva Street, next to "Mirax Plaza": the geometry of sharp shadows, glistening lights, and the shades of mature modernist techniques - all reminds about the fact that the new building occupies the place of a former seventies predecessor.
A Rhombus Blitz
The contest project for a residential block situated on the site of Annenhof Grove by “4izmerenie” bureau is an example of combining striking futuristic towers with a humane solution of an urban environment and with evenly distributed functions.
Radiant Concept
Based on the visual and landscape survey that later on became a valuable part of the concept in its own right, the architects of "Ostozhenka" Bureau proposed to keep 85% of the views of the St Simon Monastery seen from the embankment, at the same time increasing the height of the residential buildings.
Ostozhenka Bureau, Gillespies
Saturating the Landscape
In Vissarionov’s project, the Federal Sports Centre looks either as if it has landed from outer space and grew into the soil or as if it has hatched from the ground. One thing is clear, though: the authors’ wish to inosculate three cities: a small-scale district, a big, slightly abrupt industrial one – and the city of the future, in this case a sports city.
Architectural bureau of Yuri Vissarionov
The Masterstroke
Olzhas Kuzembaev turned a reception desk into an art object making the plywood snake rule the entire small space of the entrance lobby of the office of MGPM Company in Moscow area's town of Mytischi.
Totan Kuzembaev Architectural Studio
Smart Framework
Yet another feature article on Tomsk Science and Technology Museum: Nikita Yavein used the flexibility of the architectural language of avant-garde wooden structures for conveying numerous meanings. The project ended up being a charade but its very language came alive.
Studio 44
A Museum That Reaches for the Stars
A museum above the park, a park of a museum, or the museum building as an exhibit in its own right... Three versions of the contest project of the Science Museum in the city of Tomsk - by Asadov Architectural Bureau.
  • March 23, 2015
Science for People
In this issue, we publish the projects by the finalists of the contest for the best architectural and town-planning concept of Science and Technology Museum in Tomsk.
  • March 23, 2015
The project named "RASSVET LOFT*STUDIO" by DNK ag is a fine example of including a factory building into the city fabric.
DNK Architectural Group
​Closer to Nature
The architectural bureau PANACOM presents a country housing project consisting of four differentiated clusters that bring together the coziness of the rustication, diversity of urban territories, environmental friendliness, and the individuality of designer solutions.
Engineering Oasis
The engineering system of the renovated swimming complex of "Luzhniki" designed by Engex as part of Asadov Consortium: the optimum balance between comfort and cost/energy efficiency.
Crystallization of a Junction
At the junction of Moscow Ring Road and the Rublev Shosse, the construction of an administrative and business center designed by Sergey Kiselev has been completed.
Sergey Kisselev & Partners
Plane of Refraction
The project of the second stage of the complex "Zapadnye Vorota" ("Western Gate"), located north of the Mozhaisk Highway, develops the theme of the modern European architecture that has already been successfully implemented in the first stage of this large-scale project.
ABD architects
Iron Dragon
Proposed by Totan Kuzembaev Bureau, its futurist three-dimensional shell completely transformed the image of a simple parallelepiped of roadside shopping mall.
Totan Kuzembaev Architectural Studio
Grown from the Context
The building at 5 Pobedy Street revises the ideas of Stalin architecture of this area in a better material quality. The architects did not neglect the deeper roots, though, either.
Evgeniy Gerasimov & partners
  • February 26, 2015
"Lenigradka" Embankment
In this issue, we are covering the projects prepared by the winners and the finalists of the contest for the best concept of "Dimamo" Boulevard in Moscow.
  • March 3, 2015
Moscow Volga
The multistory addition to the hotel complex "Volga": yet another version of imitating a fully-fledged city within the confines of a single building. And, as is always the case with ADM, shifting the accents to landscaping its territory.
Antidote for the Evil
Designing a project of the memorial complex on the territory of the former Auschwitz death camp gave "Arch Group" a pause for thought as to what turns millions of people not only into victims but also into executioners. The architects call this memorial complex on the territory of the former death camp "an anti-evil injection".
Arch Group
The Wings of a Seagull
The architectural group DNK took part in the international contest for the building of the Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki. The solution that was submitted to the judging board proposes possible ways of the further development of the principles of the Scandinavian architecture.
DNK Architectural Group
Viable Unit
A version of a mobile modular house with a protective "shell" of the easily transformable roof and a stunning variety of possible functions - from residential to office
Totan Kuzembaev Architectural Studio
Uncovering the Essence
Reconstructing a theater building, and not just any theater but one that is aimed at creating a synthesis of tradition and innovation, is a task as challenging as it is exciting but nonetheless making perfect sense for Wowhaus Bureau that has for long specialized in designing public territories.
Color of Memory
The expo space of the Jan Vanriet exhibition called "Losing Face" was designed by Sergey Tchoban and Agnia Sterligova.
  • February 9, 2015
  • Anna Martovitskaya
In Two Layers
One block away from the Donskoy Monastery, Sergey Skuratov has designed a double-part residential house in the image of which the architect develops his favorite technique of a dialogue between the materials.
Sergey Skuratov architects
  • February 11, 2015
  • Anna Martovitskaya
Sunstroke: Avant-garde of the XXI Century
A daring plastic play with the volume of a giant multi-apartment complex just outside of Moscow: a sophisticated silhouette, impressive views and a beautiful-looking reminder of the fact that avant-garde is our all.
Ostozhenka Bureau
Waves Rolling Down the Avenue
Two houses embracing the building of "Sputnik" Hotel at the Leninsky Avenue: the new urban ensemble reacts to the traffic flow with plastic waves of the facades, concealing a cozy "courtyard" square inside.
Empire of Enlightenment, Not a Military Parade
The book about the reconstruction of the Joint Staff reveals various aspects of the project that proposed a unique for the contemporary architecture approach to museum transformation - and quite an unconventional outlook of the very meaning of the imperial glory.
OMA, Studio 44
  • January 26, 2015
  • Julia Tarabarina
A Settlement on a Peninsula
Las-Vegas near Minsk or just a settlement on the bank of a water reservoir: that is the question. Arkhstroydesign is designing for Belorussia.
Arkhstroydesign ASD
  • January 22, 2015
  • Alla Pavlikova