Vladimir Plotkin Vladimir Plotkin

Vladimir Plotkin


Plotkin Vladimir Ionovich
Was born 5/13/1955 in Leningrad.
Graduated from Belarus polytechnic institute Architectural faculty (1980).
The senior architect of institute " Belgosproekt " Minsk (1980-1985); the main architect of projects of joint-stock company " Mosproject " (1985-1995); main architect TPO "Reserve" (1995-). Member (1984), the professor of the International Academy of Architecture, a member of board MOSA.
The basic constructions
1985 Orthopedic hospital,V.Massalskaia, Minsk
1986 Republican stomatologic polyclinic, N.Sveboda, Minsk
1989 12-storeyed apartment houses, Veresayev's street, Moscow, E.Raevskaja
1990 Hotel " Redison-slavianskaia " Moscow, V.Sokolov, V.Stejskal, V.Taraskin
1991 15-storeyed apartment house, Veresayev's street, Moscow
1997 14-storeyed apartment house (the case 3), street Zvenigorodskaja, I.Deeva, N.Romishevskaja, V.Sudarikov
1998 Trading-business complex the Smolensk passage , Moscow, V.Sokolov, J.Grigorev, V.Stejskal
1998 14-storeyed apartment house (the case 2) on street Zvenigorodskaja, I.Deeva, N.Romishevskaja;
1998 9- storeyed apartment house (a building 1) on street Zvenigorodskaja, I.Deeva
1999 9- storeyed apartment house (a building 4) on street Zvenigorodskaja, N.Romishevskaja, L.Suhinina;
1999 17- storeyed apartment house on street Guards, Moscow, V.Sudarikov, J.Gomon;
1999 5-7 storeyed inhabited complex in travel Zagorsk. ., I.Deyev, S.Krjuchkov
2001 9-storeyed apartment house street M.Filevskaja, Moscow, I.Deeva, A.Borodushkin
2003 Inhabited complex Tatarovskaia poima , Moscow. J.Kuzin, A.Kegler, A.Sushkov, T.Kvasova, J.Zhuravlev, N.Romishevskaja, I.Chertkov, I.Mukasej, E.Kovshel, M.Ilevskaja, A.Lezhava, I.Tjurin
2003 Shopping center " Quadro ", Kutuzuvskij prospectus, Moscow. I.Deeva, A.Borodushkin, D.Kazakov, M.Shershova, N.Anohina, I.Pronjakina, V.Popov
The basic projects
1984 Hospital, Minsk. V.Galitsky
1991 Reconstruction of the area of the Kiev station. V.Sokolov
1992 Complex "Motel-shopping center" on highway Rublevskom.V.Sudarikov
1993 International intellectual center on street Kulneva. V.Sokolov, I.Deeva, O.Golovina
1997 Complex of buildings of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in Filevskaia Poima. V.Sudarikov
1998 Sport center of tennis club on the Leningrad highway, Moscow. A.Tsivjan, V.Sudarikov, T.Kvasova
1998 Complex of buildings of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on street the Bryansk post, Moscow. T.Kvasova
1999 Municipal apartment houses in Krylatskom, Moscow. I.Deeva, A.Borodushkin, M.Shershova, I.Anohina
2000 Trading complex on Leninsk the prospectus. I.Deeva
2000 Inhabited complex on street Istrinskaja, Moscow. A.Sushkov, J.Gomon, V.Katsapov
2001 Administrative complex of buildings on street the Zemlianoi Val. I.Deeva, A.Kuzmin, A.Sushkov
2001 Quarter 75, Horoshevo-Mnevniki, Moscow. A.Kuzmin, J.Grigorev, S.Gusarev, T.Maljarchuk, A.Pasternak
2001 23-storeyed apartment house on highway Ivankovskom, Moscow. T.Kvasova, N.Fedoseenko, S.Muhin, E.Kovshel, A.Erohina
2001 Multipurpose inhabited complexes, the Leningrad highway, pos. 25. I.Chertkov, D.Zhezljaev, E.Romanova, I.Tjurin, E.Kovshel
2002 Inhabited complexes, the Leninskij prospectus, 123-125, 131-135. J.Grigorev, N.Romishevskaja, I.Chertkov, M.Ilevskaja, A.Lezhava
2002 Building of the Maximum Arbitration court of the Russian Federation street Butyrsky val.  N.Romishevskaja, M.Ilevskaja, I.Leljakina, A.Lezhava, R.Karasik
2002 Apartment house on street Fotievoj, Moscow. S.Gusarev, S.Uspensky, T.Maljarchuk, A.Pasternak
2002 Inhabited quarter Kamushki 1-st Krasnogvardeiskij proezd .. S.Gusarev, T.Maljarchuk, S.Uspensky, A.Pasternak
2002 Multipurpose complex street B.Sadovaja, pos. 14, p. 6. I.Deeva, A.Borodushkin, D.Kazakov, A.Romanova
2003 Trading-entertaining complex Kutuzovskij prospectus, pos. 48  I.Deeva, A.Borodushkin, D.Kazakov, A.Romanova
2003 Inhabited complex under the Leninskij prospectus, pos. 109 S.Gusarev, S.Uspensky, A.Ramensky
1983 TAT Defans Paris With. And. V.Beljankin, A.Perelman
1984 Building exhibition, Minsk - 1-st premium
1988 Hotels of Fund of the World, Moscow - 1-st premium V.Sokolov, V.Simonihin
1991 Congress-center on Kutuzovskij prospectus. - 2-nd premium V.Sokolov
1998 Ethnographic museum in the Geteborg, Sweden V.Sudarikov, S.Krjuchkov, I.Mukosej
2000 Residential area Kukino 2-nd premium. A.Pasternak, I.Mukasej, A.Erohina
2002 Big Egyptian museum S.Gusarev, S.Uspensky, A.Pasternak, T.Maljarchuk
2002 Complex of buildings of Moscow City Council and the Mayoralties of Moscow in "Moscow-city" - 3-rd premium S.Gusarev, S.Uspensky, A.Pasternak, T.Maljarchuk
1995 Modern architectural schedules, Berlin
1998-1999 Moscow review Gold section
2000-2001 Winner 1999, 2001
1998-2002 All-Russia review "Architecture", the winner 1998., the Gold diploma 2001
2000-2003 International exhibition of architecture - Moscow, the winner of 2000, the winner of 2003
2002 Exhibition of 6 Russian architects in Shtutgard, Germany
2002 Exhibition of 10 Russian architects in London, England
2002 Exhibition of 5 Russian architects in Venice V-NICE



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Julia Tarabarina. Moving on the Edge

The housing complex Litsa (Faces) on Moscows Khodynka Field is one of the new grand-scale buildings that complement the construction around it. This particular building skillfully tackles the scale, subjugating it to the silhouette and the pattern; it also makes the most of the combination of a challenging land site and formidable square footage requirements, packing a whole number of features within one volume, so the house becomes an analogue of a city. And, to cap it all, it looks like a family that securely protects the children playing in the yard from... well, from everything, really.

Julia Tarabarina. ​Rational Arrangement

In this article, we are examining a complex of buildings and interiors of the first stage of the project that has recently become extremely popular the Kommunarka clinic.

Julia Tarabarina. ​The Ring on the Saisara Lake

The building of the Philharmonic Hall and the Theater of Yakut Epos, standing on the shore of the sacred lake, is inscribed into an epic circle and contains three volumes, reminiscent of the traditional national housing. The roof is akin to the Alaas a Yakut village standing around a lake. In spite of its rich conceptual agenda, the project remains volumetrically abstract, and keeps up a light form, making the most of its transparency, multiple layers, and reflections.

Elena Petukhova. ​A Habitable Galaxy

APEX has headed the project of a large-scale residential complex in the north of Moscow, in which modern housing construction methods are combined with thought-out planning solutions, a recognizable image and an original landscaping concept.

Julia Tarabarina. ​The Crystal of Music

The highly contemporary and technically sophisticated building of the philharmonic hall in Zaryadye Park combines interesting nonlinear solutions with a powerful retrospective of the sixties. At the same time, it is not conservative at all rather, it can be understood as a metaphor or even crystallization of music, an art that is both emotional and mathematically abstract as well.
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Buildings and Projects: New Additions

  • Naberezhnaya Evropy, St. Petersburg
  • Pavilion for Chacha Ceremonies
  • Vander Park residential complex
  • Danilovskaya Manufactory
  • Apartment building on Staroalekseevskaya street
  • Atomsphera office complex (reconstruction)
  • “Replacement” Project
  • Residential complex
  • Gorkhovskiy′12