Daniel Lorenz


1970 – Daniel Lorenz was born in Zaporozhye (Ukraine)
1994 - Daniel Lorenz graduated from Moscow Institute of Architecture (Department of Experimental and Training Design)
1992-1993 - Practice in "A-YA" Studio ("A-YA" literally meaning "A-Z" - translator's note)
1994-1998 - Architectural company “ABD-SPG&A”, Moscow 
1998- 2001 - Architectural bureau "W.ALSOP & STOERMER", Moscow
ã – Daniel Lorenz is one of the founders of “DNK Architectural Group”
2001 up to the present day, Daniel Lorenz is the leader of “DNK Architectural Group”


2012 – Concept of the residential block of “D2” planning area (“Technopark”), of Skolkovo innovation center, Moscow. Contest. (1st prize four building Section #1)
2012 – Prize of Moscow City Architecture Committee. “Pod Kryshey Doma” (“Under the Roof”) Festival, Moscow
2011 – “Quality Architecture – 2011” and “Golden Float” Diplomas for the creative input into the development of high-standard Russian architecture, project “Office of “7th Continent” Company”), Moscow, Russia
2010 – “Best Architects of Private Housing” certificate. Interior + Design, Moscow, Russia
2009 – Nominee of the review contest of the Union of Moscow Architects “Golden Section 2009” in the category “Best project”, Moscow, Russia
2008 – Moscow Biennale of Architecture. 3 degree diploma in the nomination “Best Project of Acrhcatalogue” for the project of “PARK” residential area in the city of Adler (Moscow, Russia)
2006 - “Quality Architecture – 2006” and “Golden Float” Diplomas for the creative input into the development of high-standard Russian architecture, project “Airport Gallery Shopping Mall”, Moscow, Russia
2005 – “Arch-Moscow” Exhibition. 3 degree diploma in the nomination “Best Project” for the project of an office building at Vavilova Street, 47a, Moscow, Russia
2004 – First medal at the contest “Valli&Valli. Door Handle”
2004 – Contest of the development of “Domodedovo” Airport, 1st place. Moscow, Russia
2003 – “Arch-Moscow” Exhibition. 1 degree diploma in the nomination “Best Project” for the project of an office building at Vavilova Street, Moscow, Russia.
2003 – All-Russia open contest “DomZsGoroDom” (“Country House” – simplified translation, translator’s note), First Prize. Moscow, Russia
1999 - Laureate of the Moscow Architects Union contest “Golden Section” (shopping mall in the town of Reutov, Moscow Region)
1997 - Laureate of the Moscow Architects Union contest “Golden Section” (Interior design of “Arsenal”, Moscow, Russia)
1996 - Laureate of the Moscow Architects Union contest “Golden Section” (Interior deign of the museum “Peace, Progress, Human Rights” named after A.Sakharov, Moscow, Russia

2012 “Pod Kryshey Doma” (“Under the Roof”) Festival, Moscow, Russia
2010 - Arch Moscow. Project "Arkhstoyanie", the village of Nikolo-Lenivets, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
2011 – “Krasivye Doma” (“Beautiful Houses”), Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia
2010 - Arch Moscow, Moscow Biennale of Architecture. The future of the megalopolis. Project Moscow, Central House of Artists.
2010 – “Zodchestvo” (dated Russian for “art of building” – translator’s note), Moscow, Russia
1999, 2009 – Moscow Architects Union contest “Golden Section”, Moscow, Russia
2008 – First Moscow Biennale of Architecture. Persimfans, State Museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russia
2006 – Project of the magazine “Shtabkvartira” (“Headquarters”) “4 Elements”. Moscow State University Botanical Garden, Moscow, Russia
2005 - Project of the magazine “Shtabkvartira” “ZOO”, Moscow State University Botanical Garden, Moscow, Russia
2003 – 2012 - Arch Moscow, Central House of Artists
2003 – Exhibition of Russian architects within the framework of Russian Days in Berlin. Berlin, Germany
2002 – Architecture and Information. “Vmesto Obitaniya” (“Instead of Habitat” – a simplified translation, translator’s note). “Arch Moscow” Exhibition, Egor Larichev curator project. Moscow, Russia,
Ðîññèÿ, Ìîñêâà, Central House of Artists.
1999 – “Raspoznavanie” (“Discernment”), Architectural laboratory, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
1997 – “Good Architecture” Architectural laboratory, Architectural Gallery, Moscow, Russia
1995 – “Predstavlenie” (“Performance”), Architectural laboratory, Architectural Gallery, Moscow, Russia
1993 – “Feeling of Space”, students of Department of Experimental and Training Design Architectural Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Buildings and Projects:

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Julia Tarabarina. Alexandra Kuzmina: “Working is easy when the rules are the same for everyone”

The subject matter of Moscow Region’s booth and presentations at Zodchestvo Festival was the concept of “Integrated Land Development”, and for a good reason: this task is very challenging, very relevant, and Moscow Region has already accumulated quite a formidable experience in this regard. In this article, we are speaking to the main architect of the region: about master plans and who makes them, about where you obtain resources for creating a comfortable environment, about her favorite projects, about why there are so few good architects, and what we should do with the bad ones.

Julia Tarabarina. ​Cité for Naro-Fominsk

The new neighborhood on an island in the center of Naro-Fominsk continues the ideas of developing the territory of the silk-weaving factory, around which the city actually formed. The authors skillfully mix different formats of mid-rise development and make the most of the island location, offering a variety of formats of interaction with water, available to all citizens. No wonder that the project is considered exemplary and worthy of duplication in the region. It is also an example of rare synergy between the client and the architects.

Darya Gorelova. ​The Openwork XX-Construction Set

The yard of the Architecture Museum on Moscow’s Vozdvizhenka hosts an installation by DNK ag. It is timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the company, and was originally presented at Arch Moscow. The art object is expected to stay in the yard of the museum for one year and set a new tradition – a regularly renewed exhibition project called “Modern Architecture in the yard of MUAR”.

Julia Tarabarina. ​Asimov’s Dream

A project by DNK ag won in a competition for the science campus of the National Center for Physics and Mathematics in the city of Sarov, conducted by ROSATOM corporation in collaboration with the Moscow State University, Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Kurchatov Institute.

Julia Tarabarina. ​The Inland City

These two buildings standing on the territory of the former Rassvet factory present an example of the architects’ delicate work with the context, form, and, above all, the inner structure of the apartment building that has arguably become a unique one for the modern Moscow. The complex is already known to a certain extent in the professional community. Below we are examining it in detail.
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Buildings and Projects: New Additions

  • Naberezhnaya Evropy, St. Petersburg
  • Pavilion for Chacha Ceremonies
  • «Danilovskaya Manufactory»
  • “Replacement” Project
  • Residential complex
  • “Olympic Hall”Business Center
  • Residential complex
  • Residential complex ′Andersen′
  • Sports and residential complex “Olympic village Novogorsk”