Urban Evolution
On the threshold of the Moscow Urban Forum 2013, whose main theme will be the development of the urban periphery, we publish the project "Replacement" by DNK architectural group. Developed back in 2010 as a case study of Moscow's Biryulevo-West neighborhood, today it remains as vital as ever.
DNK Architectural Group
Variety Line
UNK project bureau is bringing to life a plan of a multiformat apartment block in Ivanteevka, The Dutch Quarter.
UNK project
Meeting the City Halfway
In Saint Petersburg, the "Nevskaya Ratusha" ("Neva City Hall" - translator's note) is being built - a business center with a large public square presided by the "New Smolny".
Evgeniy Gerasimov & partners, SPEECH, Tchoban Voss Architekten
Deep Alternative
Sergey Estrin shares with Archi.ru about his project that was developed for the first round of the competition for the new building of the National Center for Contemporary Arts.
Sergey Estrin Architects
Park in the Turbulence Zone
The contest project of "Yuzhny" Airport by Totement/Paper: the architects made an accent on organizing the passenger flows inside the airport, laying along the park that was specified in the requirements, a network of covered pedestrian galleries.
Shadow of a shadow
Office building in Mozhaiskoye Road’s project is once again approved by Moscow officials – now as a reworked design by Alexey Bavykin.
Bavykin architects, iCube Architectura
  • November 7, 2013
  • Julia Tarabarina
Two Arrows
The contest project of a new airport in Rosfov-on-Don - developed by "Asadov Architectural Bureau".
ASADOV architects
  • November 6, 2013
  • Anna Martovitskaya
Pastel and Glass
For two months already, in Saint Petersburg, works "Boris Eifman Dance Academy", the unique building of which was designed by "Studio 44".
Studio 44
Four Islands of Cape Green
"Architectural Group DNK" is building a settlement of "Reka-Reka" ("River-River") next to Zvenigorod. "We got hold of a splendid opportunity to design the entire settlement and think through its every detail - from the general master plan and housing projects to the elements of landscape and interior design" - share the architects about their project.
DNK Architectural Group
Build a House, Plant a Tree... In It!
The country house that UNK Project designed in the settlement "Zhukovka XXI" became the "visiting card" if the bureau long before it was actually completed. And now that the customers have finally moved in, it has become clear that the "advance" high critical acclaim was more than justified.
UNK project
Honeycomb with a River View
The Klyazma Lake is going to see Totan Kuzembaev build yet another house - this time in the shape of a rectangular portal into which a "honeycomb" of wood and glass is inscribed.
Totan Kuzembaev Architectural Studio
Head Corners
In Moscow vicinity, architect Totan Kuzembaev is going to build a "Crystal" House - a villa with unusual-looking acute-angled facades.
Totan Kuzembaev Architectural Studio
  • October 7, 2013
  • Anna Martovitskaya
Universal Simplicity
Aleksey Ivanov Studio "Arkhstroydesign ASD" became the winner of the Fifth Open Contest organized by Russian Housing Development Foundation for the best low-rise energy-efficient housing project of economy class.
Arkhstroydesign ASD
  • October 3, 2013
A Mall with an Overpass
On Leningrad highway, the second stage of the multi-purpose complex "Metropolis" is underway. The facades of this building were designed by UNK project.
UNK project
  • September 23, 2013
  • Anna Martovitskaya
Tobacco Office
Sergey Estrin architectural studio finished working on the interior design of Philip Morris International headquarters.
Sergey Estrin Architects
  • September 13, 2013
  • Anna Martovitskaya
Wave of Light
"T+T Architects" took part in the tender for the development of the design concept of the second construction stage of "Alkon" business center. The main decorating element of the public areas of this complex, according to the architects' plan, is a parametric lighting structure.
Т+Т Architects
Court of Honor with a Chimney
"Studio 44" won the tender for the project of a residential complex on the embankment of the Karpovka River. In their proposal, the team of Nikita Yavein develops the traditional Saint Petersburg theme of a house with a court of honor.
Studio 44
Crystal of Reason
For Yekaterinburg’s bid book for the right to host the World Universal Exhibition "Expo-2020", ABD Architects developed a concept of arranging the exhibition facilities.
ABD architects
Watercolor Alloy
The project of a residential complex that is now being built in the Moscow suburb of Balashikha incorporates the most characteristic techniques of the classic modernism, the subtleties of the contextual approach, several variations of housing typology, and a fresh and picturesque emotionality.
Ostozhenka Bureau
Lofts in the Park
On the north of Moscow, "Homeland Group" is designing the apart-complex "Loft Park" - an up-to-date city block in "loft" style, bordering on an oak park and the famous Golovinskiye Ponds.
House at the Bend (It Grows on You)
By the project of "Architecturium" Studio, on the Mashkinskoe Highway, the construction of "Novogorsk Olympic Village" is underway. This year, the checkpoint building and the four-story residential house, located on the front line of the settlement, have been put into operation.
Mathematics of Comfort
Designing a new residential complex in the Nevsky district of Saint Petersburg, "Studio 44" treated it as a "city within a city", a place that is self-sufficient, comfortable to live in, and complete with all the necessary elements of the traditional city environment.
Window of Power
Meditating on the subject of how the new Parliamentary Center of the Russian Federation might look like, the team of architects headed by Alexander Asadov and Karen Saprichyan proposed to build, within the framework of Moscow City, a building with a golden niche on the main facade and a giant sphere of the congress hall suspended inside of it.
Drops of Liquor
For the company "Diageo", "Sergey Estrin Architectural Studio" has designed a new office whose design showcases the top brands of this world's largest producer of alcoholic beverages.
Sergey Estrin Architects
Angel Lands
"Asadov Architectural Bureau" took part in a closed international tender for the best project of the new pedestrian and cyclist bridge in the center of Ukraine's capital Kiev.
ASADOV architects
Villas in the Park
For the downtown area of the city of Ufa, Bureau of Vissarionov has developed a project of reconstructing the residential block between the Lenin Street and the Soldatskoe ("Soldier") Lake - project under the self-explanatory name of "Park Housing".
Architectural bureau of Yuri Vissarionov
Loft Triumph
Not far away from the famous artist village in the north of Moscow, "T+T Architects" is designing a new apartment complex executed in the aesthetics of the contemporary European summer home.
Т+Т Architects
Laterna Magica
In the capital of Kazakhstan, yet another high-profile project will be built by "Studio 44" - the Saint Petersburg bureau has won the international tender for designing the Youth Palace in Astana.
Studio 44
Berlin has got the Museum of Architectural Graphics whose building was designed by "SPEECH Tchoban&Kuznetsov".
Portal of the "Empire"
Taking part in the contest for the project of the second stage of construction of "Empire Tower" Complex, the architectural group DNK treated the last unfinished building on the Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment as a laconic-shape volume with dramatic and expresive facades.
DNK Architectural Group
  • June 14, 2013
  • Anna Martovitskaya
City Gate
More on the project by UNK Bureau that won the contest for the best architectural solution of the second construction stage of "Empire Tower" Complex in Moscow City.
UNK project
  • May 14, 2013
  • Julia Tarabarina
The Outposts of City Comfort
Taking part in the competition for the development concept of the former industrial park at the Berezhkovskaya Embankment, "Asadov Architectural Bureau" came up with the solution that was turning this area into an integral part of the city.
ASADOV architects
Office Drive
"SPEECH Choban&Kuznetsov" Bureau continues with the implementation of the interior design project for the offices of VTB Bank in the "Federation" Complex. Yet another, the 59th floor is completed.
Golden Expo Sail
This year, the Saint Petersburg project of "Expoforum" developed by Eugene Gerasimov and Sergey Choban has entered the phase of active implementation. According to the renovated version of the project, the Shushary congress and exhibition complex will get golden facades and impressive parabolic marquees.
Green Caverns
In the under-construction apartment house at the Staroalekseevskaya Street, the architectural bureau ADM is in charge not only of creating comfortable apartments but also unique green public areas.