Beside Taganka

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SPeeCH architectural studio designed an educational and sports complex along Zemlyanoi Val, nearly opposite to Taganka Theatre.The new 3storey volume responds the one of the most famous objects of Moscow architecture of 1970s with the same active relief and terracotta finishing of the façade.


The new sports facility is installed between the former Bolshaya Kommunisticheskaya street (last year it was renamed as Solzhenitsina street) and Bolshoy Drovyanoi side street. Despite it has transport access from the side street, and is located on the newl Solzhenitsina street, the main façade fronts the Garden Ring. The most significant part of the façade is the rounded corner with panoramic windows of the curved glass finished with planes of warm terracotta color (in pictures it has almost orange, but it has brick-terracotta color) In top there stretches a broad light gray line, which from the yards transforms into almost solid back-wall: it seems moderately energetic terracotta "nose" with interest and dignity is looking out of the grey hood" at the lively traffic of theRIng. The rounded "nose" on the right smoothly transforms into the straight plane, but from the left side it turns at more acute angle, and meets with the 12 m stained-glass atrium, creating a wide triangular ledge with a entry-canopy. Located in the heart of the historic mansions, the building designed by SPeeCH entirely lacks historicism: smooth outlines of the main facade, panoramic glazing, flat roofing are the elements of absolutely modern up-to-date architecture. But its modern appearance is not opposed to the historic environment, and does not assert itself at the expense of the last. On the contrary, the coloring and the plastic of the object emphasize its friendliness towards the surroundings.
Text by: Anna Martovitskaya

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