Bridge-and-Tower Composition

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ABD Architects bureau has completed the project of a shopping and leisure center in Krasnodar.


One of the starting points for the architects was the water tower located in the immediate vicinity of the construction site. This structure was erected by the project of the then-famous engineer Shukhov back in the 20's-30's of the previous century. Originally meant to perform a purely utilitarian function and being currently in a predictably deplorable state, the tower got the status of a monument of architecture and will soon be renovated. According to ABD Architects, it will become the crowning glory of the square in front of the shopping center, the so-often-left-out authentic element that will add to the value of the building and turn it into "a place with a history". The tower will serve to organize the new public space from the purely functional standpoint as well - it will become a convenient orienting point in whose shade flower beds will be set and numerous summer cafes will be organized. One of the most important details that ABD Architects were to keep in mind while working on the project was also the fact that  this shopping center was a second part of the mixed-use development that was already a great success both from architectural and social/economic standpoints. The new and the existing buildings (the latter built by "Kisselev and Partners" project) were to be connected with a walkover, and the authors put forth the construct of a "bridge building". From the functional standpoint, it is a two-level gallery, whose bottom floor is allotted for the shoppers (according to the plan, some of the shops will be placed here, and a food court), and top floor will be used for the cars to pass through to the parking garage. The thing is that the parking garages of the entire shopping center are situated on the third level, while the driving rampant is only available in the first building; this is why the driving bridge is indispensable here. The project also provides for green planting both on top of the hanging section and on the roof of the parking garage on the third level.

The facades are finished with ceramic tiles of terra-cotta color not only does this help the new building match the old one but also gives it, for all the modernity of its visual and volume solutions, the "traditional" feel, making it look at peace with the tower that is in fact almost a century older than the new building.

Text by: Tatiana Shovskaya

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