Spinnaker at a crossroad

  • contemporary architecture

At the cross of Sevastopolsky and Nahimovsky avenue there has been constructed a social and business center designed by the architect's Pavel Andreev. Its curved glass facade resembles a sail filled with wind and floating along the broad highways.


The shape of a sail filled with wind is suggested by the shape of the site: the avenues cross at the right angle but they are also joined by arched bridges for drivers to shorten the road. The facade of the new complex is bent along one of these road bridges. "Spinnaker is the largest sail areally, - explains the architect it is used for floating to a downwind for larger speed and it is very expressive, it catches attention". Must notice the architectural creation has the same characteristics, it makes the entire building dynamic and expressive. It is finishing matches the maritime theme as well, and its lining - dark blue glass and clear horizontal partitioning of floors, which can be seen as a sailor's striped vest. Since there is a sail, there is a "mast", in the semi-circular surface there is a niche with the height of the entire building with a glass cylinder inside. This element shows off the front entrance and develops the theme of the round lobby revolving door. It is not functional, there are also offices in the cut in the building tower. The interior layout of the complex is very simple and rational - all the engineering services, staircases and elevators are grouped, so the renters get completely spare spaces. Side and yard facades facing apartment buildings are simple as well. The architect explained that the main idea was developed on the front facade we wanted the side facing the two avenues and seen from afar to be deliberately sculpted, memorable. At night the cylinder is spectacularly illuminated, so the new complex becomes a mark on the one of the busiest crossroads in Moscow.
Text by: Pavel Andreev, Anna Martovitskaya

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