Invisible coat

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One of the absolute leaders of the international closed contest on the best "Dinamo" stadium reconstruction solution featured in the short-list was the project of SPEECH architectural studio and the German GMP bureau. The architects covered football arena conforming the UEFA standards with an impressing transparent saddle-shaped roof.


Sergei Kuznetsov the SPeeCH director and partner said one of the main criteria for the reconstruction work of the stadium was the delicate approach to the monument. "We could have a totally formal approach here, we could leave a piece of the wall and demolish the rest, but we decided to keep the entire historical perimeter, location and the size of the old field - says Kuznetsov. - We thought it essential to save the original football USSR arena. This idea, in turn, determined the symmetrical layout of the renewed stadium. The football field remains to be the centre of the entire, along its perimeter in the place of former athletic sector there are stands, instead of old stands there are lobbies. Also in the historic stadium walls there will appear a "commercial periphery" - all kinds of shops, cafes, offices, football clubs - which then go to the underground level of the complex, and out of the monument territory. The last was possible due to thanks to the smart roof construction: it covers the entire amphitheater, slightly touching the existing platforms, and its console arches rest on columns placed along the exterior perimeter of the existing building. So the roof is much larger than the stadium building itself and includes space along its two "long" sides - eastern and western facades. To remain within the altitude demands, the architects designed a very shallow and saddle shaped roof, flattening it in the middle right over the field so that the outline of the new would not break into the existing city panorama too actively. Remarkably, this method fully justifies itself: both from the Leningrad highway and the opposite Petrovsko-Razumovskaya alley the renovated stadium visually has the same outline. The only additional thing is a smooth semi-transparent arc hanging over the constructivist pylons. On each side glass roof stands off the historic walls exactly that tactful distance, to be considered not as an intrusion, but as a new piece of clothing complementing the existing body. A kind of coat, notably an invisible one.
Text by: Sergei Tchoban, Sergey Kouznetsov, Anna Martovitskaya

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