Dungeon of Bacchus

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Sergei Kiselev & Partners designed three absolutely different projects of wineries in Krasnodar sky region. With the latest technologies, this complex will become not only a new centre of wine production and a museum of winemaking traditions of Southern Russia.


The new winery will be built nearby Moldovanskoe village in Krasnodar region and will become a part of the mixed-use tourist complex Lefkadiya. The picturesque hilly land with small rivers and lakes is a perfect place for a health resort and vineland, so the idea to combine these functions and create a recreation complex, in the basis of which will be winemaking, culture and aesthetics of wine consumption, was natural. Late last year Sergei Kiselev & Partners studio was invited to participate in a closed tender to design the winery, notably the client asked the architects to create three projects of the construction. The projects were to be developed soon, in SC&P they went into three groups, one was designed by Sergei Kiselev, the other two were developed by chief project architects: Andrei Nikiforov and Victor Barmin. As a technical enquiry the architect received a general plan of territory very impressive in size and intricate landscape, production scheme, based on the gravity method of wine production, and some general request to make the complex a new winemaking and tourist center in the region. Well, they needed an outstanding and significant architecture containing housing a complicated technological process and the museum of wine industry, that will become a magnet for numerous visitors. But the architect could place the object anywhere on the site. Not saying a word, the designers have chosen as the basic "reference point" existing on the site a high hill (altitude difference between its apex and the base is 24 feet), around which winds the old dirt road and had laid a new one. Independently, each chose the same location there is a high hill on the territory (the height difference is 24m), around which there us an old country road and a new one. But the construction location relatively the hill is different and soon comparing the projects Sergey Kiselev and his colleagues saw that they designed a "house at the foot of hill", "house by the hill" and "house on the hill. After they called so there projects.
Text by: Sergey Kisselev, Anna Martovitskaya

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