Coastal wave

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The elegant and non-standard design of an aparthotel in Gelendzhik actively begins the dialogue with the surrounding nature.


The building has been devised to be looking at the Gelendzhik bay, inhaling through the net of shadowy balconies the freshness coming from sea. Like a huge stone snake, basking in the sun, the monolithic volume curves three times in effort to seize a little bit of heaven spread all over the town by the sea and at the same time to shelter the tenants from the scalding sun in the summer and cold wind coming down from mountains in winter.

It seems that the building - the aparthotel, a new version of expensive apartment house totally slaves the task to make life in the beautiful place even more pleasant, illustrating its advantages and masking disadvantages. The sea façade is a lot bigger than the mountain and is entirely cased in shell with balconies filled with daylight and air. Outside it looks very much like an abstract painting by Pieter Mondriaan - rectangular cells of different sizes and proportions are scattered all over the bent surface, like swallows nests on a hillside, occasionally alternating with plain faces of covered windows, purposely deluding the scale, hiding the real number of levels and the fully glazed wall surface, besides protecting the residents from the baking sun.

The whole geometrical lattice of the main façade has been designed monolithic and paint in white keeping the roughness of concrete texture. There has been assumed to be colored jalousies on the balconies, which would split over like marquees, adding bright accents to the complex geometry of verticals and horizontals.

The building is getting smaller from the mountains, and is hiding from cold winter wind "Seaman" behind concrete walls. The roof goes down to the main street Lunacharsky by the stairs available only to penthouse residents: these terraces afford view to the mountains.

Graceful, saturated with seaside easiness and "southern" care of the natural world, the design is coherent and regular if consider it from the position of the "western" that is world context. One can make out constructive passion in it to make use of all the available area, including a roof, and the modern unpredictability of intriguing front "masking".

However, it is still more than just unusual for the Russian scenery. This, probably, is the reason why the project was indignantly rejected at the coordination with mayor of the city of Gelendzhik, who had not found usual walls and a roof in it. As mayor explained, he had never ever seen such buildings anywhere. It is curious, that the individual customer did like the design very much. But it is not enough for its construction.

Text by: Sergey Skuratov, Julia Tarabarina

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