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Architect Alexey Bavykin known for the respectful attitude to a heritage of Russian constructivism, has designed an apartment multipurpose complex "Airship" in Profsouznaja street in Moscow.


As the architect emphasizes, this idea was based on youthful Soviet pathos of architecture the end of 20th - the beginning of 30th, on Leonids Airships... . During an epoch of constructivism there was a direction, reproducing by means of architecture the various recognized subjects connected with those years, as a rule, with technical progress: the house-tractor, the house-star, etc. the House-Airship obviously inherits this branch of Russian architectural van guard. Not literally, but nevertheless it is recognized pretends zeppelin, in its impulse to the sky stretched on a vertical of forty floors. And if we look at the plan of the house, its roundish-peaked, turned somewhere forward, the contour completes analogy.

The small ball on a roof of the building, forcing to the globe from New Arbat, becomes a symbol, strengthening a theme: all volume of the house can be read through as the huge "basket", preparing to fly up according to a slogan of builders has gone to rise - live in Airship Presence of a helicopter platform supports a theme of air transport though it and is intended only for saving helicopters. Probably, sometime, when an interdiction on private flights above the capital is cancelled of, tenants can park here on their own means of aeronautics

It is interesting that for architects of van guard of the 20th years likening of the project to any miracle of modern techniques was a sign on futuristic aspiration forward, to the future, and here - process to a certain extent return because the airship has already turned from a symbol of the flying future to a nostalgic image of the recent past in spirit of "the Heavenly captain.

Told however does not cancel the present of architecture of "Airship", on the contrary, more likely it emphasizes: for our days the melancholy on the left futurism, some remake recovering old plots in updated forms is very characteristic. The tower-airship will change sky-line in the rich with greens sleeping area of Moscow.

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