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Minsk is one of the most dynamically building up cities among all the CIS countries capitals. Commercial real estate market and hotel business are being actively developed in Belarusian capital, so “Kempinski” idea to design for Minsk no only a hotel, but a mixed-use complex is very logical. Architectural bureau SPeeCH was commissioned to design the project MFK along Nezavisimosti avenue.


The building site borders with Nezavisimosti avenue from the north, and with Svisloch river from the south and would have square shape but the river smoothly curves here. The housing development of the avenue influenced the stylistic solution of the new complex and its height of 9 storeys. Neighborhood with the river predictably influenced the master plan of the object. The complex includes four stages - a hotel, two apartment blocks and an office block. They all rest on a single stylobate with parking lot. The first three buildings front the river and repeat its curve, but the hotel, on the contrary, gently curving,retreats from the bank and the authors designed a large two-level terrace in front of it. SPeeCH designed the bank line as a logical extension of the park located on the opposite bank and pedestrian bridge. As well as elements of vertical landscaping the architects used in the project. Architecture of the new complex is also interpreted as the development of coloring and scale of the existing housing. Minsk is the city mostly rebuilt after the war and is “monochrome” in styles. This project is SPeeCH tribute to the best modernist models of 1960's, the architects designed large-scale glazing, brutal window frames and inserting simple bas-reliefs. However, the buildings face Nezavisimosti avenue with more plain facades, but those fronting the river are more elegant and ceremonial.
Text by: Sergei Tchoban, Sergey Kouznetsov, Anna Martovitskaya

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