Quayside house. The fort

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This year Sergey Skuratov has almost at the same time completed construction of the two office buildings located on Prechistenskaya and Novodanilovaskaya quays. They have a lot in common, in particular, they both appreciate presence of the river, though the author does not aim to build real bridges to it.


With different locations and ideas the buildings have turned out different. One of them is named Danilovsky fort and it really looks like a fortified house approach three towers. Also, the office constructions by Sergei Skuratov are really like (very decently thought) fortress walls due to the finishing of red brick and laconic forms. Only such walls raise from the ground, but Danilovsky Fort is raised upon the glass volume of the first storey and concrete piers in constructivist manner. The front façade faces the quay, and from this side walls of the two constructions smoothly bend and from the epicentre of the deepening there grow long consoles with constructivist ribbon windows. It seems the two buildings stepped aside and salute each other in greeting with their giant arm-ledges. Within consoles there are conference rooms, long windows open a panoramic view to the river. Very sculpturally everything turned out, seemingly, the walls were a little laid and so the roof of the first storey went upward and there appeared a stone hill. This is what makes this construction different from a fort the front façade is not closed but gives away unfolding for the river scenery uncommon for city. Also, unlike two of it prototypes a factory and a fort (which use a river, but wall off and indifferently rise above), Danilovsky fort is more open towards the water area and makes it a full third member of the context.
Text by: Sergey Skuratov, Julia Tarabarina

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