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The project of the office complex in the 1-st street Jamskogo Polia,building 12 created by Alexey Bavykina workshop is approved.


The basis of the facade composition of the new complex is the semicircular bay window and the console of the eaves crossing it, the details unequivocally perceived as paraphrases constructive masterpiece of Ilya Golosov, club Zueva which is located in the next Lesnaia street. But though revival of Russian constructivism is Alexey Bavykina's program theme, it is not the main thing in a new complex.

It is under construction on a place of former industry zone of  XIX century, near the railway. Bavykin builds the bridge in a building through a railroad tracks, he does an aperture inside of the house and leades  through it the new street to Butyrskii  Val. As a result the building appears in the center of transport streams, that is essentially important for business-complex. One more witty decision is a parking which is placed under the railway. The street, where the complex is situated, extends and becomes one of the most demanded in area. The bureau projects the next site, and architects, according to Alexey Bavykin, have agreed about the creation of a complete town-planning composition.

The reconstruction of the industry zone of XIX century in the place of the ring railway is one of the most perspective directions of modern Moscow construction. The main problem here - how to include new formations in a fabric of city - in fact historically they were created as the isolated industrial territories. Bavykin has offered the most drastic decision: a new building = a new transport axis . It is a town-planning building, - Alexey Bavykin has declared in interview . It is not a composition in an empty territory, but it is the town-planning unit. And this is first of all important to me .

Text by: Alexey Bavykin

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