Horse Catamaran

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In the near future, on the 24th kilometer of Rublevskoe Highway, the new President Polo Club will be built. Most of its facilities are now being designed by Totan Kuzembaev architectural studio.


The land site that, according to the master plan is allotted for the construction of the polo club, sports five sizeable red-brick maintenance buildings - three parallel-standing poultry houses on the northern side of the site and another two closer to its southern border. The architects liked the picturesque brickwork, and they included these volumes into the overall composition of the compound, linking them to one another with overpasses and turning them into stalls and other maintenance facilities. As a result, they got a system of one-storey buildings crossing at a right angle and a multitude of courtyards between them. Between the trimaran and the catamaran of the stalls, and perpendicular to them, the Small Riding Hall is situated. It is linked with two parallel buildings with overpasses to the Large Riding Hall.
The prevalence of right angles in the composition of the complex is softened and set off by the introduction of smooth lines the sloping arched roofs of the Large and Small riding halls. And, in order to keep the contrast between the circular lines and the straight ones from being too harsh, the edges of the gable roofs of the stalls are stretched across the arch-shaped roofs and finished in triangular frontpieces on the main façade of each of the two riding halls.
The building of the Large Riding Hall consists of two volumes the arena and the foyer, between which the 712-strong stands with a balcony and maintenance facilities are situated (the storage, the cloakroom, the toilets, and the kitchen of the restaurant). The roofs of the two buildings will be made of glulam with a coating of semi-translucent polycarbonate 24 mm thick. This will fill the inner space with sunlight and will make the entire structure visually almost weightless. The arena itself, 100 x 50 meters, will be covered with a net that will be woven of boomerang arches, while the side ends of the building will be covered with stained glass and imposts, placed in a staggered order.

As far as the guest cottages are concerned, there will be 76 of them. It is expected that they will be situated on the land sites around the polo game field in such a manner that their guests will be able to watch the game without ever going out to the stands. To achieve this, each cottage is equipped with an overpass gallery that leads to a capacious viewing platform (almost a dozen square meters), an individual box of sorts. The length and the height of the overpasses depend on the distance from the field and the relief of the terrain this is why no two cottages here are exactly alike, if only the master composition principle is dictated by the image of a graceful good-looker. 

Text by: Tatiana Pashintseva
Translated by Anton Mizonov

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