Gateway to Space

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This summer there will be started construction of a new Russian spaceport in the Russian Far East. The IPROMASHPROM design institute is commissioned to design all of the objects of this gigantic complex.


"We are entrusted to design all the objects of infrastructure of the future spaceport, both technical and civil," - said Andrey Airapetov, the chief architect of the institute "IPROMASHPROM". The total area acquired for development of the Russian space industry is about 600 ha. It is divided into numerous separate sites with different functions. A spaceport is the object of increased technical complexity, this is why objects of technical infrastructure prevail there. Studying the master plan of "Vostochny" it would be striking for a non-military person: power-generating units, industrial bases, maintenance plants, refueling complexes they wont find the small residential block among all of those at once. But, of course, there is such: the master plan can be compared to a fan, and the residential area will be its handle then - missile complexes are located at maximum distance from them. "The residential area will be able to accommodate up to 30 thousand people. It will include nursery schools, schools, sports facilities, several hotels, a cultural center and a landscaped park, which will predictably dedicated to the theme of space exploration and communications with extra-terrestrial civilizations" - continues to Andrey Airapetov. Really, streamline volumes, partially earthed, resemble alien ships, but it is rather an exception from the rule. The architects deliberately departed from copying "cosmic" images. "We wanted to design exteriorly modern objects and very energy-efficient inside, which would fully meet the needs of the future members of the "Vostochny" and create image of an ultra-modern spaceport", - says Andrey Airapetov. Therefore, the image of the TV tower which is already being built in the centre of the future cosmic tower is not borrowed from the science-fiction writers, but... the local steppe plants, stems of which tightly interlace to stand against high winds and hold hard below ground. TV tower is 170 m high and is designed for installation of cellular, secure and radio communications. On the master plan it consists of 9x9 m squares connected to each other by the third three times smaller one. This last element is the core of the elevator shaft, which form the both sides is "embraced" by the two curved towers. They are made of perforated metal sheets, which emphasizes curves and connection to the natural palette of the Russian Far Eastern region. In fact, each tower is gathered of several units - vertical and inclined ones, which alternate with each other. Such form makes the TV tower more resistant to wind force and turns it into a recognizable landmark. And in "joints" there are evacuation areas, some of which are viewing platforms.
Text by: Anna Martovitskaya

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