Loft of manufacturing departments

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Architectural bureau "City-Arch" is one of the participants of the ambitious project on design of a Moscow business city-block "Danilovskaya Manufactory 1867". There are four buildings of manufacturing departments on the territory of former textile factory are being reconstructed according to their projects.


  • Architect:

    Valery Lukomsky

    Valery Lukomsky
  • Firm:
  • Object:
    Danilovskaya Manufactory
  • Address:
    Russia. Moscow Varshavskoe highway, 9
  • Design Team:
    Architects: Lukomski V., Koldaev N., Lukomski A., Mindubaev M., Churabo N., Svirskaya T.; Constructors: Azarenko I., Tomilov N., Vyazigin M., Kapatsevich N.
The creative team of the architectural and design bureau "City Architect" directed by Valery Lukomski was developing the reconstruction project of the four central buildings of the former manufacturing facilities of "Danilov factory." The buildings are located at the far side of the site development and are not seen either from the embankment or from the highway, but it does simplify the task in any way. According to Anton Lukomski, the project architect: "Recreating historical facades of the objects of industrial architecture, we were constantly considering how the look from the nearest scenery spots, what atmosphere they create and so we were determined to work elaborately over the architecture of the buildings. The business complex sited between Varshavskoe highway and Novodanilovsky embankment is called loft-block. The main point of the technical enquiry was to keep brutal aesthetics of the red brick. "It must be emphasized that usually a redevelopment of an old industrial site is conducted when a building is in a normal state and its design does not require major changes, but the building we had to work over were just the opposite. You could easily take out bricks out of some of the walls. Therefore, where possible, we reinforced the constructions, but actually the buildings were partly rebuilt retaining original industrial zoning, scale, shape of the window openings and pattern of the facades, "- says Anton Lukomski. Initially, 2- and 3-story buildings are raised by attic floors. "While working over the object, the function was changed several times. First it was planned that there will be just offices, than one of the buildings got apartments, now all of the buildings have apartments, which occupy top storeys including attic floors"- says Anton Lukomski. Almost all the staircases are carried out to the facades and are enclosed in spectacular boxes of glass and metal. Such design not only saves valuable floor space, but also finely emphasizes the brutality of the dominant material the brick. Aesthetics of the style set by the developer the architects expand also by such elements as open metal structures (in particular, the wide channels) and massive glass canopy. Stripes of patterned laying are also reconstructed, enlivening the extended array of unplastered walls.
Text by: Valery Lukomsky, Anna Martovitskaya

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