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Architectural studio of Sergey Estrin have made the interior design project for the research center Schlumberger, a recognized worldwide leader in the field of oil production high technologies.


The company focuses on transparency humanity of their projects, so the public spaces of the first floor are maximally transparent and open. The architects managed to open the space fully by moving the reception area to the right of the main entrance. The desk round on the plan is custom made of white Corian with blue glass inserts (blue is the corporate color of Schlumberger) and is surrounded by a kind of a screen of colored glass. This element brings a bright color spot to the laconic interior of the entrance area, as well as separates the reception area from the cafeteria, where bright colors dominate. Rest zone on the second floor is also designed bright and unique. In addition to its main function informal socializing place for corporate employees - it also serves an educational role. The compositional center of its interior is a semicircular wall with niches with samples of real core - soil or rock extracted from drilling wells. "In order to emphasize the specifics of the research center, we did not totally hide communications on the ceiling, - says Sergey Estrin. - Air channels and ceiling constructions are just painted white, somewhere they are covered with fabrics, and somewhere have mirror inserts. So we made comparatively low ceilings look higher, added lightness to the interior and simplified access for engineering systems services.
Text by: Sergei Estrin, Anna Martovitskaya

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