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On November, 23rd the ceremony of delivery the 5-th architectural premium founded by publishing house " Interior-press " and magazine Salon-interior took place in the cinema "Pushkin". As the leader Leonid Yarmolnik has told, this event is not simply hospitality event, it is the meeting of adherents, professionals and the creators incorporated by spirit of art.

Ceremony has begun with the noisy drumbeat under which the huge sphere which has become subsequently the huge screen was inflated on the stage. Besides it a small orchestra played, and in breaks between rewarding the opera singers acted. All passed at full parade and on a degree of glamour resembled more the cinema/musical premium, than on habitual professional, during the ceremonies some times, for fun, it was said, that such pomp shows that the modern architecture moves in the category of the most important and popular arts. The competition passed on four nominations. In a nomination The Interior of an apartment , after long discussion the winner has been called Alexander Dolgopolov and he got a prize 10 000 $. The choice here has been complicated by features of a genre as, according to jury, it is hard to find details which reflect character and do not overload the space simultaneously . The prize-winners in a nomination The Public interior became the winners of competition Present of Future about which we wrote earlier - young architects Alexander Fedorova and Alexey Nikolashin for the project of radio station office "Next" and "Pop-music" in Moscow which, by the way, can be seen freely in the show Radio behind the glass on Novinsky parkway. Thus, young authors have received two prizes for one project and became the main opening of Arhip this year. The prize in a nomination The Individual apartment house handed over Idan Salahova and Totan Kuzembaev who has told, that Arhip is a constant improvisation: he has prepared speech in a foreign language, learnt words, and the Russian architect suddenly wins - Dmitry Gejchenko. The prize of Public committee at a rate of 40 000 $, has received selected among 900 realized projects the project of reconstruction of the Joint-Stock Company " Moscow " constructed in 1950-60. For the six-months period of reconstruction the old factory has been transformed, in opinion of jury, in a modern office center and any city of the world can envy it . At the same ceremony the rewarding of premium Present of Future, the winners of it have been declared in October, took place. Now its main winners were present, architects from Japan - received first prize Satoshi Okada and Rushi Ashivaza, the winner of the premium Space Present of Future . As director of a museum of architecture has told, handing over the premium, this victory is not occasional because between the modern architecture of Japan and Russia as it recently has learned, there is a close communication in the sense that once Japanese gave the premium for innovation to young Soviet architects, many of which now are masters - and now our turn has come. Also the winners in student's competition The house for the star-4 have been announced. In this nomination which passed among the students of architectural high schools, have taken part more than 150 regions and the countries of the world in which young architects created houses for different famous persons of the present starting with B.Gates and finishing V. Potanin. As the leader Leonid Yarmolnik has playfully noticed probably for those who has no place to live. The first place in this premium has got Darya Zhuk for The house inside out for Vivien Vestvud - literally turned upwards, the second place took Olga Kochkareva for the house for Evgenie Pljushchenko The fallen asleep elements of water and the third place Paul Panchenko has received for the house for Bill Gates The unreal reality . The company " Pestovo " in its turn considered, that three nominees is insufficiently and has decided to give its own prize - the contract with their company - which was received the student from Mexico rlos Manuel Zimbron Ortiz for the project of the house for Andrey Konchalovsky. In nomination The atmosphere of classics the winner became Sergey Yerofeev who, according to the editor of magazine Salon perfectly knows traditions and safely enters innovations into them. The Presidium of professional advice made a choice in out of competition premium The best foreign project and Baltic architects Uldis Garanchs and Ugis Zabers have won.
Text by: Irina Filchenkova

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