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In the Center of Design ArtPlay on September, 29th the exhibition of the architect, the artist and poet Alexander Dzhikii Retrospection has opened. The presentation of its book The Full Catalogue (the publisher - "ART-BLA") took place in the same place.

Alexander Dzhikija has finished Moscow Architecture Institute, but is known as the graph painter and the poet. He is a good friend to the group of the Art-BLA (A.Savin, V.Cheltsov, M.Labazov), their sign with little men running above a precipice has drawn Dzhikija. Now the graphic division of architectural studio "A-B " has published The Full catalogue in it the works of 1982-2004 are included. In the middle of 80th were "chamber" photos, drawings  and pictures. Then - mostly drawings. In 1988 he entered the art group KvartArt, is engaged in Kharms's illustration and the self-instruction manual of the Greek language. In 1996 went to New York, then to Ankara where taught the bases of design, published illustrations in various editions and wrote books. When he came back to Russia after ten years of a life abroad, Alexander Dzhikija presented extensive retrospection of his graphic works.
 Each drawing an independent history. All of them are supplied by the name-inscription, some of which sounds as the dialogue of characters, others - as a voice behind the still. All together, is possible just because of signatures, most of all reminds figures of the Greek vases which have left the steady mythological world and become interested of the world of mortal. Ordinary stages, literary plots and historical heroes, are snatched out from a habitual context, located on white sheets of a tracing-paper and play before the spectator amusing, tragic and at times absurd histories.... Listening through a forge music Beethoven, the person in a coat and with a sable, jumping in the sea to get a shark, two little men with eyes-lamps at which one of them has fused, fight in the street, finding-out of attitudes between the man and the woman... - the author defines the method as instant registration of the fleeting world . This world will gather from a life, its all displays, but finally displays a private world of the artist.

Alexander Brodsky has told the best characteristics to Dzhikijas drawings: the art of telling dreams without their interpretation. Huge quantity of the latent architecture is in all of it. It sticks out from everywhere, but is not appreciable, so, that nobody confuses with its presence .

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