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Moscow-based A. Asadovs studio designed a few bright and innovative architectural structures for Baku city. This article is about two of them: Liberty Star and the ski slope.


Liberty Star is a monument symbolizing the present and the future of independent Azerbaijan. It will be situated in Nagorny park, on one of the picturesque slopes of the so-called Baku amphitheater with the view to the entire city. Basis for the composition of the complex is the emblem of Azerbaijan with an eight-pointed star on a shield, painted in national colors - blue, red and green. The architects presented the eight-pointed star as a 3D structure based on Vladimir Shukhovs system of crossing rods. The star is turned to the sky and raised off the ground, so it becomes a giant observation platform. There is a staircase leading to each ray, consisting of 8 flights and the space among the platform and stairs is glassed. This creates the image of a star growing into the slope with interlaced crystal blades. Such composition adds an incredible dynamic to the entire construction: it seems that the dance of stairs will break the law of attraction in a little while. The inner space of the complex is arranged around the panoramic elevator shaft, penetrating the "star" exactly in the center and leading to the observation platform. The platform is a system of tracks along the perimeter of the rays and the central atrium with an elevator. In addition, within the complex there is the 2 level Azerbaijan Independence Museum, and the underground level houses souvenir shops and cafes for visitors. The second object, designed by studio of A.Asadovs studio to Baku, is an indoor ski slope. It will become a training base for beginning downhill skiers, nearby the capital there is being a constructed the first ski resort in the country. The architects suggested two variants of the slope design. First is a classic tube, rested not on supports but a special platform with a hotel for the guests. The entire building of the slope protected with a blind wall and from the other side it is fully glassed and unfolded toward a spectacular mountain scenery. The second variant of the indoor downhill skiing was designed using entirely different structural scheme. It is not just an inclined plane with extra functions under it. The pipe ends with an angular rectangular ring. Inside such pipe skiers will move in a circle: a vertical lift will take visitors from the entrance to the highest point of the distance from where they will go down the track with two tight turns and will get back to the same lift. Such kind of a ski "tube" is more compact and efficient, because it does not require a long site to build a long slope.
Text by: Anna Gerasimenko

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