Within the circle of happiness

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Architecture of "Zarechie" residential complex employs and variously plays with geometry of the circle so to say, it is not sketched with a ruler, but a pair of compasses. Here you can see a try to comprehend the idea of "round house" uncovered again by Melnikov, or it is another interpretation of Malevich's suprematism, but geometry is not core in project, it emotional spirit, which comes from the great architectural desire of the last century designing of a beautiful life .


  • Architect:

    Vladimir Plotkin

    Vladimir Plotkin
  • Firm:
    Creative Union Reserve
  • Object:
    Residential complex Skolkovo-park, Zarechie
  • Address:
    Russia, Novoivanovsky s.o., raiyon r.p. Zarechie
  • Design Team:
    authors-architects: Plotkin V.I. - the corporate authors leader. Gusarev S.A, Travkin.A.M., Denisova U.D., Diasheva T.A., Ilevskaya M.M., Butusov A.V., Turin I.N., Dudukin S.G.; authors-constructors: Andreev V.V., Scherbina S.K.; chief project engineer: Kaumov F.M.; Authors of engineer sections: Popova G.A., Nedbailo B.K., Dachkina M.A., Musatov A.L., Kochanova G.F.
The project building site is located behind the Moscow Ring Road, on the left side from Skolkovskoye highway. There is being constructed a building for Skolkovo business school by David Adjaye 300m north-west from it. Nearby, along the western site border, across the street there is almost finished Grunwald elite neighborhood, houses were designed by Tchoban Voss, Megan, Ostozhenka, Ashman and Solomon according to the master plan developed by Sergey Tchoban and Alexander Skokan. " Grunwald " consists of 7-storey buildings with round, square and triangular shapes, set along the inner street in two lines. Business-park will be arranged similarly: includes separated constructions, grouped into two parallel lines. Vladimir Plotkin did not repeat the fractional structure of the neighboring ensembles, he curved the residential complex volume and turned into an elegant, almost calligraphic stroke. The shaped structure might be compared to a letter or a sign, but the master plan is more like an outline of a flower petal. The execution, Vladimir Plotkin, the architect, who is thought to prefer straight lines, even straight corners, the house-loop turned out geometrical. Notably, geometry is simple, circular. "Petal" master plan is drawn by two large arches with a single circular conjugation in the place where the arches meet. So the source of inspiration is paper sheets thrown at the table, not a creeping reptile or even a mountain range but a very simple geometrical structure. , and - a very simple geometric construction. At closer look there can be seen centers minimum of the two circles on the plan. They are round-shaped ponds. Along with arches there are rays stretching from the ponds cutting the volume of loop in the place of smaller arch-conjugation, dividing the residential complex into separate houses and forming exits to Setun.
Text by: Vladimir Plotkin, Julia Tarabarina

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