Autum yellow leaf

  • contemporary architecture

At the very edge of Strogino residential area the architect Alexey Bavykin designed a high-rise apartment building named "Golden Autumn". This is a light tower covered with a giant golden "leaf", which like an arrow points toward the city center.


Visually, the building consists of three different parts. To the center of town, he turned the volume, faced with panels of frosted ivory. At first sight it might seem they reflect and develop the theme of surrounding development, as if the tower was the part of industrial housing, only unusually large. There are three sharp ledges and a rounding like three vertical steps. Façade structure slowly appears complex, sculptural and 3D. And it becomes obvious Bavykins construction delicately speaks at the surrounding houses but shows much better quality, as well as quality of the form. The facade facing the Ring Road is totally opposite to the light volume: this giant leaf of shiny yellow metal: concrete, covered with gold-filled aluminum and keenly imitates a metal sheet form. Approximately at two thirds of the house height the plate smoothly shift from the vertical, enlarging volume of the building and at the top turns into a sloping roof overhang with elegant ogee arch image of a giant yellow leaf on a roof top, or it is a yellow crown - diadem for "birch trunks" of the white volume. This is why the building is named Golden Autumn: leaf-shaped roof hanging, golden wall, glowing with bright yellow in all weathers. Distance between the white and yellow facades is filled with glass. There are large balconies of apartments, half fronts Moscow River, the other half faces the residential district, and penthouses have are open to the three sides, apparently the entire city will be seen from there, large windows on the yellow façade will show Moscow suburbs. Glass mass lined with aluminum outside looks like third kind of material joining together textured light "stone" volume and the metal leaf volume, from all sides growing out with spots of windows and stripes of balconies. Stone, glass and metal - the three basic elements of architecture are isolated in this building, creating three layers tightly bound together.
Text by: Alexey Bavykin, Anna Martovitskaya

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