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The reconstruction of one known Sochi sanatoria "Camelias" - "Intourist" assumes the neighborhood of the new construction and the center of Stalin classicism around of a kept building 1930-40 years of the last century.


The context of the seaside resort city is made by mountains on the one hand, and the ships on the other hand,. Sochi, to tell the truth, is an especial city, it is a favourite Soviet resort since Stalin time, therefore it possesses also the third component - architecture Soviet Palladian, which here, at the sea and on the sun, is shown absolutely in an especial way, having left gloomy severity of the Moscow hybrids of a palace with Roman insul and having turned into the increased, but similar copies of the country palaces of the Italian Renaissance.
Jury Vissarionova's hotel complex reacts to all three themes dictated by the Sochi environment. Its main building reminds at once both the ship, and mountain: it is possible to think, that a square glass tower grow through the ground, having lifted behind itself layers of the rock, alternating has flown down walls and horizontal edges of overlapping. It is especially noticeable in the bottom circles of a building where the outlines of opaque planes are wider, figure is more free, and a roof is set by a grass alternated by water spots of pools. Continuing a theme, behind a line of a beach above the sea there is the artificial island connected with the coast by a thin isthmus - a nostalgic hint on Norman mountain the San-Mishel in a miniature. As if by virtue of tectonic cataclysms on coast, and near to it the new mountain has grown from water - island.
Let us notice, that the turned out geological image results directly from features of technology of modern monolithic construction which does not demand density of external walls, managing internal support. Concrete overlappings can be mooved rather far, giving to them, without especial problems, almost any outlines. Strictly speaking, many modern buildings during casting remind layered mountains - however in Jury Vissarionova's Sochi project the effect is fixed and beaten: if to imagine a kind of a building it is strict from above smooth contours of concrete ceilings, especially in ground floors, will be similar to figure of a geographical card.
The power of wild tectonics, however, is rather comprehended and cultivated: on the island there will be a restaurant, lawns, water in pools with heating, and the ledges of average floors of hotel oblique under a corner remind ship noses more, than rocky breakages. The main tower is entangled by a grid of decorative tackles, which have common with working farms of the cable car connecting hotel and island. In some places of "tackle" pass through glass weight of the main skyscraper, string on itself greater semicircular balconies, adding to the "mountain" lacy masterpiece.
The multilayered composition will take place of a vertical plate of sanatorium "Camelia ". However the new building will be bigger and more capaciously, it grows together with park, becoming a part of the equipped landscape and simultaneously - solving the main problem of a magnificent Sochi resort which is cut off from the beach by a railroad tracks literally. Trains will surround with the barriers overwhelming noise, pass existing under a railroad tracks to a beach will expand and will be added with the top foot path and a cable car. The uncomfortable space near to rails will be borrowed with sports halls. Thus, trains will appear isolated from having a rest " somewhere below ", and will turn from an inevitable handicap to an amusing attraction.
The second complexity: one of buildings of sanatorium, the classical "Intourist" constructed in 1935-49 by architect A.V.Samoilov, in 2002 is recognized to be a monument. It consists from Palladia palace with taken aside exhausting with long wings, with arch loggias and colonnades, and several small buildings behind it - all together, being is collected in the basis of mountain, can look magnificently enough though in details it may remind a little Exerbition Centre in Moscow. A condition of the building once was one the best sanatoria of a network of "Intourist", now is bad - experts estimate its deterioration in 70 % that is expressed outside in the form of crashed plasters, smudges and absence of glasses. Architects are going to keep it, reconstruct it, and to add it with similar cases with arches and balusters. As a result near to futuristic mountain some kind of the historical center , the small center of the "Sochi" classicism will arise - it will be possible to pass comfortably from one to another, and the saturation of impressions and is one of attributes of a pleasant resort. 
Text by: Yuri Vissarionov, Julia Tarabarina

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