Training for the Olympic Games on the bank of Shodnya river

  • contemporary architecture

On the picturesque bank of wandering and deep Shodnya river there is being constructed sports and residential complex "Novogorsk Olympic Village under the project of Vladimir Bindemans studio. The idea is clearly shown in the project name: in the village there will be built one of the largest sports and social complex in the region, residential spaces here will be bought mainly by current and future Russian Olympic champions training in the numerous centers nearby Novogorsk.


The building site has a long rectangle shape, its long side fronts the highway. Here the river makes a sharp turn and "leaves" aside, social life heart of this part of the settlement is moved to the highway. Along the highway there will be built the mixed-use sports center - located right on the highway, it will be clearly visible on the way from Moscow and Novogorsk. It will also become a solid noise protection for the townhouses behind it. Each apartment will have a small lot and in order to broaden the distance among the buildings, they face each with lots. Apartments in townhouses are shifted from one another giving more privacy for each. Facades are formed by extending and "sunk" volumes, large balconies of top floors and roofed terraces fronting the lots. Roof overhangs are "cut through" with mansard windows, smoothly running into façade adding more variety of lines and better illumination for the apartments. Townhouses exterior is based on classical for the genre combination of two colors: light sand of stone finishing and brown of wooden wall paneling and are covered with a dark copper roofs. Finishing of the sports facility will also contain natural stone, wood and roof copper, and in addition there will be large glass surfaces visually hiding the true scale of this volume.
Text by: Vladimir Bindeman, Anna Martovitskaya

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