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Alexey Bavykin builds an inhabited complex in Sochi on crossing of the Kuban street and the Sea lane


The building reminds the rounded nose of the huge liner, headed to the sea, but seized by the hardened waves of the Sochi ridges. Because of the form and its aluminium facing it has been already nicknamed "Titanic". The only thing we can do is to hope for the constructive decision, -  jokes Alexey Bavykin, - which is calculated on eight-ball seismicity

Placed on the border of a flat coastal zone and mountains, the inhabited complex closes one of Sochi streets leading to the sea. A many storey building was planed to be constructed on this place in 1975, however the idea included in the general plan of Sochi many years ago, is realized only nowdays. On the way from the sea to the building one can see recently restored Marine Station Karo Alabana and the All-Union Central Executive Committee representative House by Ivan Zholtovskogo. Having in the foreground such sound architecture, I aspired to make this house deliberately simple with minimal refinements , the architect speaks. The offered form of a building reminding a medieval shield, allows to provide a view on the sea to a maximum quantity of apartments of a complex though the opposite mountain panorama is not less good.

In the Sochi project the author offers one more variant of the answer on declared in the first large apartment house (Moscow, street Piljugina, 24) a problem of balconies and conditioners distorting a facade. Here they work on the general for a complex sea theme - being built in diagonal ranks, remind gills of a huge fish. However, contrary to frightening associations, the volume will be executed in warm gold-ochre scale with transition from dark shades stilobate up to light - down to white - on top. Such game of light and shade in a midday sun differ the southern mountains and in this context the house is placed. In heated southern air the building should seem a Mirage of the prototypes ploughing the sea open spaces.

Text by: Alexey Bavykin, Olga Orlova

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