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For the first time popular in western retail architecture method was applied in Moscow shopping arcade, like a ring rounds the inner yard. Due to this, all shops are equally advantageous, not a single one is in a remote corner. And it is almost impossible to get lost there


The site for the multi-use center project has got beneficial location for trading - opposite the traffic interchange on the crossing of Kashirskoe Highway and the Third Hoist Ring that crosses here Nahimovski prospect and Kolomenski. The territory is large, almost 7 ha, very soon from the three sides it will be surrounded by highways from the west, the new road, Tatarovo-Birulevo, is being built parallel to Varshavskoe highway. At present the construction site is a vacant place covered with red clay, on the eastern part there are ruins of unfinished in 1980s construction of the Institute of Immunology.

The retail and entertainment center will occupy almost the whole site, following quite custom and traditional for the typology scheme. It consists of the two volumes: the large one is for the shopping center of boutique kind, café, restaurants and cinemas. Behind the other part is hiding the one-storey rectangle of the hypermarket. All the vacant area left is given for open car parking, and there also will be the two levels of underground parking.

The main peculiarity of the building is the front trade part plan. Unsophisticated audience might see in it a plan of manors in classicism style with half-round circumferentia colonnades - here two-storeyed retail galleries are constructed the same way around the open inner yard. There will be ice rink within it; restaurants and boutiques will be placed fan-like, towards curved promenade. Each of small retail stores is getting wider deeper inside. The ends of the half-round volume are connected with the gallery that is within the larger building so the main shopping arcade is in the shape of a drawn bow or capital Latin letter D.

What is more important is that the promenade is ring-shaped, so you can stroll there endlessly, and not a single shop will be so remote, that a customer might be too tired to get there. Such method a shopping arcade, that like a ring rounds inner yard, is popular in architecture of western retail centers, but in Moscow it was suggested for the first time by ABD architects and in this very project described it has been started three years ago, in 2004.

The other peculiarity, noticeable in most retail centers by ABD is its brightness of color and plastic solutions. The arcade rounds like amphitheater; the straight walls of the main façade, viewing the closest highway, are cut with glass oriel windows, slightly bowing towards cars that are passing by like huge shop windows attracting customers. Roofs of extended parts are higher and sail-like curved for the view from up and from side, from highway. External walls in the both approved variants are of orange color, but initially they were brighter, red with yellow inserts. Dynamic by the shape and color the volume will be noticeable what is fine for a retail center.

By the entrance there is another plastic trick that meets customers - half-transparent awning, made of reinforced polycarbonate, is stretched along the front façade on metal supports. It shelters buses for customers that come by underground from hot sun and rain. The roof of the awning is composed of triangles, corners of which are at different heights surface looks broken; it glitters, differently conducting light, and what is significant it is an unusual amusement entertaining visitors before they enter the building.

Text by: Boris Levyant, Boris Stuchebryukov, Julia Tarabarina

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