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As part of the ambitious town-planning project for building Golden Ring resort, Totan Kuzembaev architectural office is working upon several sub-projects at a time.


Golden Ring is going to be a world-class resort that is currently being built by RusResorts Company near the town of Pereslavl-Zalessky (Yaroslavl Region). The first buildings two 3-4* hotels are going to be put into operation already next year.It is these particular buildings that are constructed by the project of Totan Kuzembaev architectural office. However, before getting down to the development of the architectural character of the future hotels, the architect built the construction headquarters of Golden Ring resort. The most important thing in the construction headquarters is, of course, the conference room, and the architects predictably placed its rectangular volume in the middle of the entire composition. On either side it borders on larger volumes, sliced into separate offices, some of which are meant to be used by the management, and some by the employees working at the construction site on a permanent basis. In order to give the building a more dynamic look, these volumes were arranged in the diagonal way, and the central segment was turned at 45 degrees in respect to the separating axis. Kuzembaev covers each of the volumes with a wide roof, elevated on his trademark high and slim pillars. Thus, from a birds eye view, the headquarters look like and inverted N. The side buildings are leveled up with the surface of the roof and have spacious attic floors on top of them, while the volume of the conference hall remains a single-storey one: on top of it, it has a large veranda that is secured against the rainfall, and at the same time is completely open to fresh air. While designing the hotels, the architect had much less creative freedom. The thing is that the original drafts of both hotels were developed by another office, and it was only during the construction phase that RusResorts decided that they were to be given a more vivid architectural appearance. At the same time, Kuzembaevs hands were tied by the already-approved area of the objects, the given composition, and, of course, the budget the changes that he was about to make were not supposed to increase the cost of the project. It is specifically for this reason that wood again became the material of choice for creating the new image. The residential buildings of the two hotels also got gable roofs; however, their carrying construction is hidden behind an elegant casing, made of narrow wooden slats. In the three-star hotel, the lathing crate slides down the façade and blends in with the wooden veranda of the restaurant, while the facades of the more expensive hotel are sporting a neat grid of rectangular balconies with glass and wooden railings alternating in a staggered pattern.
Text by: Totan Kuzembaev, Anna Martovitskaya
Translated by Anton Mizonov

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