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Development projects frozen during the crisis are gradually "melting". At that recovery of the blocked constructions is often accompanied by radical change of their architectural style. Like instead of a futuristic glass office center of London based KPF bureau on the Garden Ring nearbt "Serpukhovskaya" metro station (Korovi val str., 5) there will appear an elegant building with ceramic facades, which is regularly used in the projects of ABV Group company.


  • Architect:

    Nikita Biryukov

    Nikita Biryukov
  • Firm:
    ABV Group
  • Object:
    Office building on Korovi Val street
  • Address:
    Russia. Moscow Korovi Val str., 5
  • Design Team:
    Bureau director: Birukov N., Cheif Bureau engineer: Markova K.I., Chief project architect: Otstavnova U.; architects: Loginov I., Gutorkin D., Kulibanov V., Chief project engineer: Aliev G., Chief constructor: Pushenko A., Director of group of engineers: Gribov A., Enginner: Korosteleva A.
The building will be constructed on a -shaped site, shortest side of which faces Korovi Val street. It is expected to become one of those deceptively simple but elegant in European way office buildings, typical to the architectural methods of Nikita Birukov. In a way these simple but costly facades harmonize paradoxical architectural environment the neighboring buildings belong to the two epochs with one century difference. One of them is a T-shaped 11-story volume. The low and long 10 storey building is adjusted to its broad central part. The other is stretched along the 1st Dobryninsky lane and as the distance from the Garden Ring is growing, its height is reducing from 44 meters to 37 and at last to 22 meters. Pattern of the façade is complies with strict logic formed by combination of glazed surfaces and areas decorated with ceramic sand-colored panels. Actually, variations of arrangement of glass and ceramic compose the main decoration of the building. The solid glass front of the high-rise building facing the Garden Ring is formed by ribbon windows. Then, the solid horizontal lines are interrupted with ceramic spots these are balconies of the building-connector (there are elevators and elevator lobbies inside) decorated with thin ceramic bars. At the end of the long body the rhythm alternates with strong vertical - it is set by ceramic panels providing smooth transformation to soft patterns of the side façade of the long building. While moving away toward the Garden Ring this is repeated two times. As a result, the facade looks various remaining stylistically integrate. At the bottom of the long building there will be a simple colonnade. Functionally the building is also very practical: there are parking lots in the underground area, on the first high floor there is a hall, a restaurant, a canteen for office workers and retail spaces, on the third floor and the upper floors there are open-plan offices and apartments.
Text by: Nikita Biryukov, Anna Garanenko

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