Functionality in warm shades

  • contemporary architecture

MARR Plaza, a new office center, will be launched soon nearby Krasnaya Presnya. This building adds German respectability and pragmatism to the aesthetics of proletarian old industrial district.


  • Architect:

    Nikita Biryukov

    Nikita Biryukov
  • Firm:
    ABV Group
  • Object:
    “Marr Plaza” business centre
  • Address:
    Russia. Moscow S.Makeeva str., vl.13
  • Design Team:
    bureau director: Birukov N.U.; chief bureau engineer: Markova L.I.; chief project engineer: Savateev I.V.; chief project architect: Temnikov D.G.; architects: Aleshina O.V., Morozova O.A., Zheleznov P.V., Semenov A.R., Poteshina A.L., Lyakh Z.V.
The rectangular volume extends the raw of brick Stalin-era buildings lined up Zvenigorodskoe highway. But only on closer examination it appears that there are two actually - the second, which is behind, is taller and is slightly shifted relative to the rectangular one fronting the street Makeyev. According to the authors, this solution came from the necessity to provide the neighboring apartment building with the incoming sunlight. The idea was also used on the facade: windows of each floor are shifted by half a step creating terracotta herringbone tracery. The vast façade surface which threatened with monotony gained rhythm and relief and now looks like a luxury handmade fabric. Also friendly, warm red color of ceramics largely used in finishing is adding more similarity with the fabric. Back facades are less smart: solid glass sectors alternate with ceramic ones there. Massive aluminum blinds enliven horizontal rhythm traditional for office buildings. They protect from the sunlight (this part of the building gets the most of it), as well as add the façade more depth, since they change image depending on the point of view and light angle.
Text by: Nikita Biryukov, Anna Garanenko

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