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The interior design project for the public areas of ROSREESTR (Federal Service of State Registration, Land Register and Mapping) was Sergey Estrin Architectural Workshop studios first experience of working with Russian federal institutions, and a successful experience, too: the building of the major federal agency got a striking contemporary interior solution that looks nothing like the moth-eaten offices of the Soviet era.


The first thing that the architect suggested to his commissioners was to forego the traditional conference rooms rank-and-file oak-panel style. This is why the new conference hall of ROSREESTR is dominated by the white color: the walls and the ceiling are completely white, and white also prevails in the floor pattern. The floor in this room is decorated with Teakwood natural stone, a darker variation of which is used to mark the oval in the center where the session table is going to be placed it is highlighted by thin rims of chocolate-color of Imperador Dark. The choice of this dark Spanish marble was not accidental: its tone matches that of the rosewood inserts the entrance door and the panel on which the national coat of arms will be placed and together they form delicate yet very unambiguous reference to the traditional official interior decoration. While working on this project, we set ourselves the goal to convey the solemn atmosphere, rigor and purity of lines and textures, - Sergey Estrin explains - to achieve this, we used only natural materials and the most up-to-date technologies. For one, we decorated the walls with light-colored natural leather with prominent stitches, and visually expanded the boundaries of the moderate-size room by using an unusual ceiling solution the ceiling is kind of fringed with the frames of semicircular section. Visually, these elements are perceived as magnificent baroque folds; we installed the lights into them. The ceiling was made the stretched kind; some of the lights were hidden behind its opaque surface - the architects wanted to try to avoid using the direct spotlights based on the logical inference that the traditional chandelier here would be completely out of place. The central art object of conference room is made by means of using the glass decorating technique it is a giant geographic map of Russia, the green, sandy, and brown colors of which perfectly match the colors of the interior. Initially, the commissioner wanted it to be the political map but then we thought that ROSREESTR is the agency that deals in land issues and we took a chance of suggesting to substitute it with the physical map; the commissioner was OK with that Sergey Estrin reminisces. The main piece of the conference room furniture - the meeting table was also custom-made by the designs of the architectural studio. Its unusual trapezoidal shape is designed to provide the same visibility of the plasma screen from any of the seats round the table, which is especially important for video conferencing.
Text by: Sergei Estrin, Anna Martovitskaya
Translated by Anton Mizonov

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