Crystal Rainbow

  • contemporary architecture

Architectural workshop "Studio 44" has won an international contest on new railway station design in Astana.


  • Architect:

    Nikita Yavein

    Nikita Yavein
  • Firm:
    Studio 44
  • Object:
    Railway station in Astana
  • Address:
    Kazakhstan. Astana
  • Design Team:
    architects: Yavein N.I., Zenkevich V.A., Aksenov S.I., Ashmetiev U.N., Vinogradova M.S., Grigoriev I.E., Zhukova V.S., Kozhin I.V., Lemehov V.I., Novosaduk E.A., Snezhkin G.S., Stanchinsky A.V., Schastlivtseva K.O., Yavein M.V.; constructor: Gershtein V.I.; texts: Lihacheva L.N., model: Itsikson Y.S.
The new station will be built in the south-eastern part of Astana, on the extension of Mustafina street, one of the most important urban highways. It is leading to the most significant buildings of the new Kazakh capital, already constructed or under construction, and such a grand background the railway station had to have a suitable scale. "Studio 44" interpreted it as the main Astana gate. We realized the complex rising in the long distance perspective of Mustafina street must be like La Grande Arche de la Défense in the perspective of the Champs Elysees and this determined its architectural solution", - said Nikita Yavein. The most spectacular part of architecture of the new Astana station really is the arch - a transparent structure in the form of a hyperbolic paraboloid, finish pattern of which reproduces large scale kerege pattern. "It is not only expressive, but technological and easy to manufacture so it is ideal for covering large areas without creating extra cubic meters of heated spaces - said Nikita Yavein. But it was also important for us to create expressive silhouette: arch is rising above the station and roads, like a rainbow over a steppe stressing the enormous scale of Astana and its vast expanses. In its smooth outline you can guess the soft contours of hills and mounds of Kazakhstan, and hint on a saddle and a bow, so characteristic for gypsy culture. " The existing railway tracks are raised above ground at 3 meters, and the station itself is located on the concourse above them. Such constructive solution allows more efficient use of urban areas: in particular, Mustafina street is carried through the underground part of the railway station, where the architects suggest arranging key public transport stops. For passengers there will appear one bank platform and three island platforms (and one more backup platform in case of further development of the railway station), and there will be a commercial building for housing necessary additional functions. They plan to construct it on the opposite side of the tracks and the stretched strip of roof will become an exhibition of landscape architecture achievements. Under the transparent arch there will be a uniform space of layered concourse hall, which giant widows have breathtaking views of Astana.
Text by: Nikita Yavein, Anna Martovitskaya

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