Mosaic House

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Architectural studio SPEECH has almost completed draft design of the first stage of the new residential districts on Pyatnitskoe highway. Its blocks will be built up with multisection houses, notably all the entrances are designed by different architects thereby the living environment becomes rich and diverse.


First the new town was split into city-blocks architectural solution of which according to the authors would remind of various European countries: Germany, Spain, Holland and France, but then the developer gave the idea of multiculturness. They placed stake on the traditional orthogonal grid, consisting of city-blocks built-up around perimeter totally clear from cars and landscaped courtyard. Across the center of the new town parallel to Pyatnitskoe highway there goes pedestrian boulevard from both sides of which through the center of the new town is a pedestrian boulevard, along both sides of which there will be constructed low-rise buildings, their ground floors will be filled mainly with public and entertainment functions. Height of the apartment buildings is increasing with the removal from that axis, at the approach to the highway reaching its maximum (12-14 floors). The first stage of the complex, the studio is working over now is those houses located closest to Pyatnitskoe highway and therefore the highest. Two of them have 13 sections, the third has 4, and they all will be separated from the main residential district an inner road. Though at first sight it look like the concept has changed completely, in fact there remain its original: the blocks do not remind of a European country, but still each of them is unique. Face, identity is formed "from particulars to generals ": each entrance and courtyard has its own architectural character, the city blocks noticeably differ gathered of the buildings of a few specially designed sections, at large the new district has a memorable image with diverse housing, cozy small gardens and shady parks, picturesque streets and the parade boulevard in the centre. Variety is achieved in particular due to variable number of storeys and widths of the sections, as well as individual approach each house façade. In order to achieve maximum effect, SPEECH invited an international team of designers to work on architectural image of the district. Facades of the first stage have been developed by AssmannSalomon AS and LANGHOF (Germany), OOO "TPO" Reserve "and SPEECH themselves the 30 sections they shared equally.
Text by: Sergei Tchoban, Sergey Kouznetsov, Anna Martovitskaya

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  • Sergey Skuratov
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  • Natalia Shilova
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