Oasis along the embankment

  • contemporary architecture

In the place of former Gardteks spinning and weaving manufacture on Savvinskaya embankement the architect Vladimir Plotkin offers to build a round-shaped apartment building with a spectacular parade cour d'honneur.


The complex master plan got the outline of a protractor (a drawing tool most people know from school; it is often can be found at an architects desk). Due to the simple stoke the entire block magically followed the integral image of classical palace circumference. By the way, the method is widely used for housing along embankments of large cities like Moscow (House of Architects by Alexei Shchusev along Rostovskaya embankment) and the other European capitals (for example, Albion Riverside by Norman Foster in London). According to the apartment complex concept developed by TPO Reserv almost all the factory buildings will be demolished. However, there is a construction the architects decided to keep: it is a building of the building of work sections adjusted to the main complex at the beginning of 20th century with characteristic features of architecture of that time splendid interior design, super large windows in tight brick edging, super high ceiling. Well, it is just perfect for lofts so popular today. Vladimir Plotkin made them split level using opportunity of the height of the existing floor. In addition to the saved building the complex includes three more constructions: a 4-storey apartment building, closing the housing front along Bolshoi Savvinovsky side street, a 8-storey volume of semi circle shape which has a semicircular shape and a 1storey building D, maintaining the housing line of Savvinskaya embankment. Actually the last is an "insert" into the semi sphere not bearing against it thought but throws a few passages on the level of planted roof.
Text by: Vladimir Plotkin, Anna Martovitskaya

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