Deck for the "Titanic"

  • contemporary architecture

After the high-rise "Titanic" Alexey Bavykin and Partners studio designed a low-rise apartment complex of gallery type on Alpiskaya street in Sochi.


Low stretched building is the second stage of the Titanic tower, we covered three years ago. Its construction has already completed. Second stage gallery building is placed behind the "Titanic" and will serve as its background, although the buildings are separated by a narrow Kubanskaya street and a small garden, the gap wont be noticeable from afar. The new building layout is somewhat of necessity: the architects got a ready earthed building done for another object and had to be within its limits. The building was developed along the wall and the road (Alpiskaya street), which curves at this point, and this gave it the building a slightly inbent line. The height drop is significant here in fact, the two lower layers with the parking area are dug in the hillside and from the sea there will be seen the wall of the basement with a largely extended console, hanging in the air terrace. Over the parking there are office spaces (their windows view the mountains scenery), above there are five floors of apartments (single-room bedroom studios), and on top there are two-level penthouses with large terraces. The building resembles an unfolded album, a little asymmetric its two wings, one longer than the other, are connected under a wide angle, forming a typical southern composition of a building fronting the sea with all the windows of the main façade. This entire seaside façade has French windows which are from ceiling to floor: not to lose a single piece of the main treasure the sea scenery. From afar it seen that thin metal window frames are within large white cells where horizontal are floors and vertical are walls separating apartments. Over there asymmetrically scattered small metal balconies of "a lonely smoker", Alexei Bavykin like it and such balconies can be found in most of his projects. In general there appears a netted pattern it seems the house is watching the sea through the tulle.
Text by: Alexey Bavykin, Anna Martovitskaya, Julia Tarabarina

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