Sectional Elevation

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Vladimir Bindemans studio "Arhitekturium" designed "Kiparis" hotel for Hostinsky district in Sochi. Because of the considerable relief drop the 7storey building looks like a 3storey one, but due to the distinguished boomerang shape it can be a new sign of the area.


The small territory of 0.53 ha is surrounded with serpentines of the two roads: Turenko street and Shosseinaya street, which twisting down the slope merges with Novorossiskoe highway. Theconstruction is located on a steep and thickly overgrown slope, difference of heights is 18 meters here, and it is not uniform: from Shosseinaya street there begins a steep rise and near the middle of the site it becomes an almost perfectly level surface, and then again rises to the peaks. Actually, this fact allowed the architects to design the required number of rooms on such a small area, as well as the entire variety of additional services, facilities for which will be partially built in the slope; blocks of apartments rests on this mixed-use basement as on a terrace. Architects recall that they started the projects of the complex not from the plans but from the sectional elevation: they created projection of the building nominally cut with the plane of slope and managed to arrange the spaces. In the plan the hotel resembles the Latin letter V with a slightly curved ends, or rather a boomerang. This form is entirely dictated by the small territory and the demand to have as many as possible rooms fronting the sea, visible below. As it was already mentioned sectional elevation here is as important as the plan - the building goes down the slope and both buries into it, in other words it should be taken as a volume. In the triangle between the boomerang" blades, the two wings of the hotel, there is arranged a yard, open to the sea and protected from the wind from the mountings by the building bulk.
Text by: Vladimir Bindeman, Anna Martovitskaya

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