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In Ukraines city of Vinnitsa, A.Asadov Architectural Studio developed two projects at once the project for reconstructing Kemp Island and a new 4-star hotel.


From the start, the bid contained in it a certain contradiction: on the one side, the bidders were to provide for the construction of recreational and entertainment facilities on Kemp Island, on the other side, to preserve its historical value. The architects Alexander and Andrew Asadovs provided for this in their project, finding a successful compromise between keeping the island intact and introducing the weekend infrastructure into its fabric in a non-intrusive way. The whole central part of Kempa is covered with a network of winding pedestrian and bicycle paths; at the southern tip of the island there is a beach, and all the new objects are either designed as quick-mount constructions or are placed on the water! According to the project, the island will be connected with either of the banks of the Yuzhny Bug River with two bridges, each of which is made of two arcs, curved in two different directions and crossing above the water. On land, the bridges are connected with a promenade, so they are visually perceived as a single structure the winding wooden ribbon that is pinned down to the ground with a pillar so as to keep it from flying away with the wind. The Asadovs, however, went even further:this sophisticated bridge is pierced by yet another one that skirts the northern tip of Kempa a striking arc and connects it to the lighthouse that is going to be built on a separate man-made islet. At the same time, this extra bridge allows fixing several bridge boats - they are assembled into a floating quay, the upper part of which is turned into an amphitheater. In the immediate vicinity of the island there will be built a 4-star hotel in the competitive bid for which the Asadovs also took part. The new hotel is going to be built in the so-called triangle between the Yuzhny Bug embankment and Kievskaya and Sobornaya Streets. The new hotel will overlook the Kempa Island and the citys main architectural ensembles and it is its location that determined the architectural solution. For one, the architects made all the rooms command the island view, while to the side of the main entrance from Kievskaya Street, only the floor-by-floor galleries are turned. And, in spite of the fact that the layout of this building has a triangular shape, only two of its sides are in fact constructed - the remaining space is taken up by the atrium, with a translucent roof of a complex jagged shape descending to the ground. This sunlit space includes the above-mentioned galleries, it also lights up the entrance lobby and the main public areas of the complex (restaurants, cafes, fitness center and the conference hall). Yet another restaurant is placed above the residential floors - in order to make it as panoramic as possible, the architects place it in a completely translucent volume that overhangs above the city like a giant console.
Text by: Alexander Asadov, Andrey Asadov, Anna Martovitskaya
Translated by Anton Mizonov

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