The crystal Middle Ages

  • contemporary architecture

When the Roman legionaries deserved rest, they became veterans and received sites on the won grounds. Now, to a southwest from Moscow, near to the village "Crystals" Jury Vissarionov projects settlement for veterans of Gazprom - retiring employees of corporation


The settlement is equipped duly modern gerentology: coming to the pension age, the person should get not in a house for aged, but in an idyllic place where the remained years can be spend how it would be desirable, active and with enjoy - and only when the active life is already difficult, than to trust in medical supervision. Accordingly the settlement is divided on two parts - on the one hand from the main road the hospital and cases for those who requires medical leaving is placed, and the second part of territory, the bigger one, borrow the small houses-cottages for younger inhabitants - actually, in this part architects have made an attempt to realize variant of a Utopia - to plan settlement for an idyllic life. The essence of idyll consists in attempt to unite comfort of modern habitation that it is convenient, with romanticism of medieval city - that is not dull. In the central street houses with trading places and workshops where it is possible to live at the small business or craft are planned. It reminds simultaneously classical device of medieval European city and dream of the Soviet person of an epoch of reorganization to get own business and to live in own small house. In scale of the country the dream could not come true - can be, here it will manage to be realized in the form of an extract, not immersing a favourite theme in a reality of a postindustrial society and the more so - the post Soviet space. Here, in "veteran" settlement, there should not be economic and other problems as people, it is supposed, have already fulfilled their obligations for "Gazprom", here they have a rest and are engaged in favourite business, can be, even selling something each other , exclusively for the sake of getting enjoy, instead of with the purpose of reception of profit. Dialogue is a link of all functional processes (rest, work, life), organized here in traditions of classical ideal city - the architect tells. It turns to a performance of the Middle Ages from which all is excluded heavy, and remains - church and village with vividly bent, echoing a channel of the river, streets, tiny streets and houses which at a conditional sight "from above" develop in whimsical dance. In old settlements the houses often accepted the compelled form, stood on curves streets and gradually changed - one of authors of the project Konstantin Savkin explains. Besides being engaged in the small business, inhabitants can plant flowers, garden and pigeons at the cottages, receive visitors - small houses are stipulated for them from the river. On the coast of the river the boat quay and restaurant is planned, at the entrance - stadium and a parking as is it planned to leave all machines at entrance and to use only ecologically pure service transport at the territory.
Text by: Yuri Vissarionov, Julia Tarabarina

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