The colors of dance

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Today in Saint Petersburg there are being realized two architectural projects related Boris Eifman, the world-known choreographer. The Dutch UN Studio is designing a theatre for his troupe within the European Embankment city block, and in Lisa Chaikina street everything is ready for construction the Dance Academy, designed by Studio 44 architectural studio.


Competitive selection for the general designer of the Dance Academy was held a year and a half ago. Nikita Yaveins architectural studio won. Architects believe they owe their success to the chosen strategy for working on the heritage objects. In addition to the already mentioned building of "Assembly" there is located the mansion of U.K. Dobert I.B. Shtaykman (B. Pushkarskaya str., 14A) on the territory. It is a rare for the St. Petersburg example of a wooden mansion, miraculously survived among the stone tenement houses. The wooden mansion was attached to the educational building, Assembly totally renewed in 1958 (all the structures and floors were replaced) will have the façade reconstructed. Moreover, the architects follow the authors design of 1911 and renovate the entrance niche- exhedra with coffer semi-dome. After reconstruction the wooden mansion will house the media library and Academy museum, the garden surrounding it will be landscaped and transformed into an open strolling area for students. There will also be constructed two more buildings in the academic city block. In the southern one, facing Pushkarskaya str., there will be residential spaces for boarding school accommodating 135 people and a medical center. The northern building, located nearby the Bolshoi highway, will house a well-equipped sports complex, classrooms, two ballet halls and administrative offices of the Academy. To emphasize the charm of neo-classical facade of the former "Assembly", the new buildings are designed very laconic: white geometric volumes are delicately moved a little deeper into the city block and seem to step aside. The southern building is zoned by a band of panoramic windows, while the northern one is looking out of the historic façade at Lisa Chaikina street with a dull surface in order not to distract from the main architectural accent the entrance niche-exhedra. The space between the residential and academic buildings is transformed into a glazed atrium. There are recreation spots and twelve ballet halls, the largest of them is designed for educational performances they all are altering and are linked by the network of stairways and passages. According to Nikita Yaveins plan, such inner atrium and play space goes back to the archetype of a boarding school yard.
Text by: Nikita Yavein, Anna Martovitskaya

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