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The architectural studio "Studio 44" designed a new treatment and rehabilitation complex for one of the most well-known St. Petersburg medical institutions - Federal Heart, Blood and Endocrinology Centre in the name of V.A. Almazov. There will be conducted cardiac surgery and hemo transplantation. An uncommon architectural solution was found for a uniquely equipped center.


Despite the fact that the Heart Center occupies an entire city block, on its territory there left little room for construction of the third stage. The main building, resembling W and V letters put one on another, is located in the middle of the site. On the left, near the its western border there is currently being built a 9-storey of Perinatal Center, not at all compact. A narrow strip of land along the north-eastern part of the medical district was the only place where "Studio 44" could safely enter the new complex. The client technical enquiry had a lot of functions, so the architects were to build a long and tall bulk, which would form a new street facade of the complex, but would cut off the existing buildings from the transport route. Nikita Yavein did not like the idea of Chinese Wall, but after long searching there was found an alternative. The architects turned the medical centre into a high-rise building. Very compact, oval in the layout tower (20-story building really looks like a skyscraper against nearby housing) is shifted to the site corner to minimize its impact on the neighbors. Vertical zoning on the building façade is recognized to different finishing materials: basement level is coated in natural stone; the middle area of wards has two skins keramogranit wall is doubled with a glass screen protecting the patients from the street noise. Service levels are recognized by the gridded pattern; surgical and administrative units are glazed. The mixed-use hall for scientific conferences and exhibitions the architects took to a separate volume. Composition of the block bases on combination of two 1-story rectangular volumes of entrance group with landscaped roofs and a 6-story mixed-use hall. The last is formed of two cylinders inserted into each other a solid high volume of the hall and transparent lobby and foyer "wrapped" around. One more block was designed as a separate volume according to technical considerations. It is MRI zone and roentgen diagnostics, equipment for which (in particular, magnetic resonance imaging equipment) are hypersensitive to external influences. The building is the lowest in height (3-storey) and has square shape which provides the building with a fine place in the entire complex composition.
Text by: Nikita Yavein, Anna Martovitskaya

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