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Vladimir Bindemans architectural studio designed a residential complex for 530 apartments in Leninsky district of Chelyabinsk city. Home of USSR heavy industry will have a building with distinguished silhouette, uncommon tectonics and bright coloring.


In conditions of standard housing dominance Bindeman was not intended to repeat even within the three volumes, so each of the three buildings has different proportions. The easternmost reaches the maximum permitted height of 77 meters and is a vertical box. The medium building is more of a square, and the westernmost is also a box laid on its longer side to the ground. A few words about the boxes connecting these volumes. They have height of half of the first building volume and are -shaped. They are adjusted to the northern facades of the constructions so that all the glazed loggia viewed the gaps among them. From the lake these transparent bridges are seen as absolutely independent elements and visually join the three blocks together. In the main constructions most of the living spaces are oriented to the south, but there are gallery-apartments in the buildings-insertions and they are oriented to the west and catch light of the setting sun. Well, there is much of glass in the project. In fact, the entire surface of the southern facade of the complex is the glassed. Its tinted mirror like surface has bright red spots chaotically scattered. And although a glass façade is an attribute of the southern architecture it looks fine in harsh north. Its smoky surface, in summer reflecting the sunlight in water, in winter begin a dialogue with the endless field of ice, which turns into Smolino. The separate white block houses staircases and engineering services. This light insert divides the residential volumes into three different layers. It can also be compared with a double-faced canvas which the architects paint differently depending on the context.
Text by: Vladimir Bindeman, Anna Martovitskaya

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