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Mikhailovskaya dacha or Mikhailovka manor is one of the pearls in the necklace of the palace and park ensembles of the Great Peterhof road. It is a historical and cultural monument of federal significance and is the nearest neighbor of Konstantinovsky Palace. The last, a few years ago turned into the Palace of Congresses, probably, suggested the city authorities scenario for Mikhailovka recovery from the ruins. Under the project of architectural bureau "Studio 44" there will be constructed Graduate School of Management campus on the basis of manor of the Grand Duke Michael Nikolaevich.


The campus will have academic and administrative buildings, halls of residence, a cafe, club and library, sports facility with a swimming pool, parking lots. Since it is impossible to fill this historical area with all these objects, the project is divided into two independent stages: restoration and adaptation will done in the Eastern part of the complex, new construction in the West. There are only 6 historical buildings existing now on the Mikhailovsakya dacha and according to the "Studio 44" project each of them will be renewed. Historical image of the buildings will be saved, their total area will be increased twice from using attics and basements, floors courtyards, use of underground space and new construction in place of the lost buildings. Most of the new construction area will include objects made of visually light modern materials. Nikita Yavein wanted to avoid any historical stylization but show the "secondary" character of the modern facilities comparing them to park pavilions. Fully glazed inclined walls, wood paneling, geometrical structure of the housing actively work on this image. For example, residence hall for bachelors (9 constructions) are low-rise trapezoids with glass consoles of side facades hanging above the ground like stairs turned upside down. MBA halls of residence are also trapezoids but longer in plan, and magisters will live in the building round on the plan (its diameter is 84 m), divided into three sectors by 2story passage arches. Three-story cafe-club is the heart of campus social life will be located in the pentagonal volume. The most controversial element of the project is the building of sports and fitness complex, the architects compare it a landed airship. Configuration of the dome is really similar to an aerostat, it is coved with a cascade of three terraces accurately fit into the existing relief.
Text by: Nikita Yavein, Anna Martovitskaya

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