Residential building with the underground car-parking in Jaroslavsky pereulok, 11/13, stroenie 1 Residential building with the underground car-parking in Jaroslavsky pereulok, 11/13, stroenie 1

Residential building with the underground car-parking in Jaroslavsky pereulok, 11/13, stroenie 1


  • status
  • date
    2006 2007
  • place
    Russia, Moscow
    Jaroslavsky pereulok, 11/13, stroenie 1
  • function
    Residential / Apartment building
  • Total Area
    12068 2
  • Residential Area
    4770 2
  • number of storeys
    13 + .
Pavel Andreev

Pavel Andreev /


Paul Andreev /

Design Team
Andreev P.U. the corporate authors leader
Pavlov S.G. - chief project architect
Sergeeva V.A., Babajan A.I.
In association with G.M. Kurenny, architect

Partners and Clients
Investor: joint-stock company Objedinenie INGEOKOM
Client: Bauport Ltd. about this project:


Julia Tarabarina. Metamorphosis of the tower

Residential house-tower by Pavel Andreevs studio is carefully fitted into its architectural surrounding however, it appears to be an impressive picture about context and modernity, showing to anyone interested a theatrical scene of turning strict modernism into contextual

The building is being constructed among Jakovoapostolski and Bolshoi Kazenni pereulok. In 1970 the two elite rosy-brick towers were built here, roughly wedging in the texture of historical area built along old streets twin-towers playfully stand d...   more

Pavel Andreev,

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Partner Architects of

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  • Oleg Karlson
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