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Sergey Estrin graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute in 1985. In just five years he entered the top ten young architects of the Soviet Union, having won the All-Soviet Union tender for work in the capitalist country Ireland.
Experience of the foreign practical training abroad was not in vain, when Sergey returned very soon he got a prestigious position in the foreign company Global Resource Group. Having worked for such well-known companies as DTZ, Capital Group, etc., where he was in charge of design departments, Sergey established his own architectural studio.
With more than twenty five years of work experience in architecture Sergey Estrin became a high-profile person not only in the architectural space but also in the real estate market. Sergey was at the very beginning of formation of the Russian way of architectural thinking which started at the period of changes in political, cultural and social systems.
Sergey Estrin personally takes part in each project of the company and is the author of the most ideas. The main principle which appears in every work is the space and shape, full of emotion, light, color, combined with the sophisticated chic and comfort. Creative motto: "There are no desperate situations and hopeless clients.

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Lilya Aronova. Perpendicular Reality

The giant complex of Moscow City that appeared on the map of Moscow a few years ago makes one wonder about a lot of various aspects of architectural typology of high-rise buildings. The phenomenon of a "vertical city" and solutions proportionate to it were discussed in our conversation with Sergey Estrin the author of a whole number of bright projects of public and residential interiors in Moscow's high-rises.

. A City of Light

Based on the norms of insolation and the technical assignment, the architects of Sergey Estrins Architects have created an imagery and many-sided concept of a residential development in one of Moscows green areas.

Alla Pavlikova. Chasing Fog

In Sergey Estrin's project, the second version of "Terekhovo" metro station is named "A Hedgehog in the Fog" (a cult soviet cartoon - translator's note). The graphic and the plastic solutions are united in it by the fairytale itself - like a dream inspired by the nature of this riverbed.

Lilya Aronova. Sergey Estrin: "Ceilings give you the ultimate freedom of expression".

The completion of the work on the ceiling in the synagogue on Bolshaya Bronnaya Street became a newsbreak for us: we met with the author of the project Sergey Estrin and spoke to him about the functional possibilities and the ideological role of the ceiling as the culmination element of the interior design.

Sergey Khachaturov. Wayward Architecture

Sergey Khachaturov on "Estrin Code" exhibition.
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