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Nikita Biryukov was born in Moscow in 1955. He graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute. His professional career began in “Mosproject-2”; he also worked in the institute "Soyuzkurortproekt", becoming a coauthor of a number of large-scale projects built in the Crimea, their list including Togliatti Health Resort, the dormitory of the health resort of the Union of Theater Professionals, as well as a number of cafés in the city of Yalta. In 1986, together with the architect Alexander Gagkaev, Nikita Biryukov organized one of the first privately owned architectural firms under the aegis of the Union of Architects of Russia.

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Julia Tarabarina. ​Inspired by Retrofuturism

Proposed by Nikita Biryukov, the project of reconstructing the former Communication House, which stands in the beginning of the New Arbat Street, keeps up the proportions and logic of the existing building, at the same time clearing it up and giving it a more contemporary look with a slight note of retro that can be traced back to the techno-futurism of the 1930s.

Lilya Aronova. ​The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

Remodeling the building of the former Sytin printing house on the Pyatnitskaya Street into a modern housing complex, Nikita Biryukov and his team fought a losing battle against the technical specifications and, instead of the red-brick industrial character of the building, they accentuated the bourgeois nature of the buildings original Art Nouveau style.

Lara Kopylova, Julia Tarabarina. ​Athletic Load

Working with the Match Point housing complex, ABV Group, headed by Nikita Biryukov, was able to neatly pack a considerable amount of floor space, distributing the height of the complex and its imagery among the main functions: a sports arena, a residential building, and a small office one.

Lilya Aronova. A New Perspective

A multifunctional complex designed by "ABV Group" on the land site between the Yauza River and the Bolshaya Pochtovaya Street will not only yield new housing square meters but also a new pedestrian route and an attractive public space.

Lilya Aronova. From a Bird's Eye View

A complicated land site in the south district of the nation's capital: Nikita Biryukov designs a residential complex consisting of four almost New-York-style skyscrapers that still pay respect to the realities of Moscow.
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Buildings and Projects: New Additions

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