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Levon Ayrapetov:

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​Fire and Ice: Architecture of Contradictions

Julia Tarabarina. ​Fire and Ice: Architecture of Contradictions

The Hotel complex designed by TOTEMENT / PAPER for Kamchatka, reinterprets the nature and the culture of the peninsula, at the same time challenging the cataclysms of the earthquake endangered zone, using the modern technologies to create pure, open, and beautiful architecture.
​Mental Image

Julia Tarabarina. ​Mental Image

In the context of Russian architecture, the building of repository museum of cognac in the city of Chernyakhovsk is a rare example of a situation when the buildings obliging function and the architects creative thinking do not conflict with each other but work together to create well-thought and well-balanced architecture, interesting to all human senses.
Vertical City Experiment

Julia Tarabarina. Vertical City Experiment

Designed for Hong-Kong by Levon Airapetov and Valeria Preobrazhenskaya, the contest project of a skyscraper continues the search for a fresh view of the architectural matter characteristic of these authors, and at the sane time proposes a new look at the grammar of the high-rise architecture.
Park in the Turbulence Zone

Julia Tarabarina. Park in the Turbulence Zone

The contest project of "Yuzhny" Airport by Totement/Paper: the architects made an accent on organizing the passenger flows inside the airport, laying along the park that was specified in the requirements, a network of covered pedestrian galleries.
Harmony of Arrested Motion

Julia Tarabarina, Alla Pavlikova. Harmony of Arrested Motion

On the second version of TOTEMENT / PAPER project for Sakhalin
From Simple to Complex

Alla Pavlikova. From Simple to Complex

For the contest project of expo and business center on Sakhalin Island, Levon Airapetov and Valerie Preobrazhenskaya proposed two options, the first one being a trailblazing experiment with the process of shape-forming where from one shape of a cone, repeated manifold, the architects build up a complex and unusual kind of space.
Sensual Adaptability

Sensual Adaptability

The story of TOTEMENT/PAPER Bureau participating in the competitive bid for the housing project Technopark area of Skolkovo innovation centre and about the concepts that were developed in the course of this competition, is shared by the leader of this company, architect Levon Airapetov.
Two Elements of Color

Anna Martovitskaya. Two Elements of Color

In the vicinity of Khodynsky Field, in a house situated on Aviakonstructora Mikhoyana Street, TOTEMENT/PAPER has implemented a residential interior design project.
From Empty To Full

Anna Martovitskaya. From Empty To Full

In the prestigious villa community of Novo-Uryupino, the architectural studio TOTEMENT/PAPER reconstructed one of the houses. The house, initially executed in the traditional New Russian style, got an updating injection and a completely renovated look.
Theater in cube

Anna Martovitskaya. Theater in cube

In the South Korean city of Pusan there was held an international open architectural contest on the best project of the Opera Theater. One of the participants of this contest was the architectural bureau TOTEMENT / PAPER.

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  • Levon Ayrapetov
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  • Valeria Preobrazhenskaya
  • Vsevolod Medvedev
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  • Zurab Bassaria
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  • Arseny Leonovich
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  • Sergei Tchoban
  • Alexander Skokan
  • Rustam Kerimov

Buildings and Projects: New Additions

  • Pavilion for Chacha Ceremonies
  • October Railway Central Museum
  • Vander Park residential complex
  • Danilovskaya Manufactory
  • Atomsphera office complex (reconstruction)
  • Apartment building on Staroalekseevskaya street
  • “Replacement” Project
  • Residential complex
  • Residential complex “Dutch Quarter”