"Crustali" - settlement-boarding house for older persons "Crustali" - settlement-boarding house for older persons

"Crustali" - settlement-boarding house for older persons


Yuri Vissarionov

Yuri Vissarionov /

Design Team
Group of authors J.Vissarionov, K.Savkin, A.Osipov, J.Filatov, A.Prihodko, O.Abaimova, T.Panchenko, D.Chernov, A.Kalmykov, M.Chernjavsky.

Partners and Clients
The customer - Gazprom

Archi.ru about this project:


Julia Tarabarina. The crystal Middle Ages

When the Roman legionaries deserved rest, they became veterans and received sites on the won grounds. Now, to a southwest from Moscow, near to the village "Crystals" Jury Vissarionov projects settlement for veterans of Gazprom - retiring employees of corporation

The settlement is equipped duly modern gerentology: coming to the pension age, the person should get not in a house for aged, but in an idyllic place where the remained years can be spend how it would be desirable, active and with enjoy - and only wh...   more

Yuri Vissarionov,

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Roman Leonidov, 2008 2010
House with the semi-round terra

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