Igor Shvartsman

Igor Shvartsman:

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​The Pleated House

Julia Tarabarina. ​The Pleated House

Designed by Aleksey Medvedev, the apartment complex on the Franko Street takes on the role of an urban planning highlight without going beyond the limits of a reserved minimalist form. One of its peculiar features is a staircase with a zigzagged ramp, still a rare sight in Moscow.
​Low-rise City Blocks in the Orenburg Plains

Julia Tarabarina. ​Low-rise City Blocks in the Orenburg Plains

Prepared by Sergey Kiselev and Partners, the concept of developing a 150-hectare chunk of land at the outskirts of Orenburg has at least two major string points: the presence of a fair number of what usually is considered to be the components of a comfortable city and the absence of any overly marketing techniques in other words, the project is realistic to the bone.
Continuing What Was Once Started

Julia Tarabarina. Continuing What Was Once Started

The project of an office-and-hotel complex located on the first kilometer of the Rublevo-Uspenskoe Highway develops their old ideas and responds to the architecture of the buildings that Sergey Kisselev and Partners had built earlier in this area.
Arma: Uncovering the Territory

Julia Tarabarina. Arma: Uncovering the Territory

In this article, we give a detailed coverage of what was done in Moscows new creative cluster Arma and how.
Arma: Improvement

Julia Tarabarina. Arma: Improvement

What has been improved in the Arma site and around it and how.
Cannelure of the Minimalist

Julia Tarabarina. Cannelure of the Minimalist

The voluminous construction of this residential complex reacts to the structure of the city fabric, while the geometry of its facades - to the creative search of mature modernism, although the allusions are presented in a contemporary way, with keen attention to detail.
Man of Letters

Julia Tarabarina. Man of Letters

The construction of "Literator" ("Man of Letters") residential complex has been completed: the architects made it ostentatiously modern, abandoning, among other things, the idea of the grand façade in favor of revisiting the immanent peculiarities of red and white brickwork.
Crystallization of a Junction

Julia Tarabarina. Crystallization of a Junction

At the junction of Moscow Ring Road and the Rublev Shosse, the construction of an administrative and business center designed by Sergey Kiselev has been completed.
Black-and-White Duo

Anna Martovitskaya. Black-and-White Duo

Next to "Nagornaya" metro station, upon the project of "Sergey Kisselev and Partners", soon there will start the construction of two residential towers attracting one's attention with their dramatic checkered coating.
Igor Schwartzman: "We do everything for the project to be implemented from beginning to end".

Anna Martovitskaya. Igor Schwartzman: "We do everything for the project to be implemented from beginning to end".

The leader of the architectural studio "Sergey Kisselev and Partners" on the company's new projects and plans.

Partner Architects of Archi.ru:

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  • Natalia Shilova
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  • Polina Voevodina
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  • Totan Kuzembaev
  • Sergey Oreshkin
  • Vladimir Kovalev
  • Ilia Mashkov
  • Aleksey Ginzburg
  • Sergey Kouznetsov
  •  Valery  Lukomsky
  • Arseny Leonovich
  • Andrey Gnezdilov
  • Vladimir Plotkin
  • Igor  Shvartsman
  • Vassily Krapivin
  • Pavel Andreev
  • Anton  Bondarenko
  • Natalia Zaichenko
  • Natalia Sidorova
  • Valeria Preobrazhenskaya
  • Mark Safronov
  • Sergey  Senkevich
  • Vsevolod Medvedev
  • Tatiana Zulkharneeva
  • Levon Ayrapetov
  • Ekaterina Kuznetsova
  • Anatoly Stolyarchuk
  • Alexander Brovkin
  • Alexander Skokan
  • Julia  Tryaskina
  • Ilya Utkin
  • Daniel  Lorenz
  • Katerina Gren
  • Yury Safronov
  • Alexandra Kuzmina
  • Zurab Bassaria
  • Stanislav Belykh
  • Oleg Karlson
  • Sergei Tchoban
  • Rustam Kerimov
  • Oleg Medinsky
  • Oleg Shapiro

Buildings and Projects: New Additions

  • Pavilion for Chacha Ceremonies
  • October Railway Central Museum
  • Vander Park residential complex
  • Danilovskaya Manufactory
  • Atomsphera office complex (reconstruction)
  • Apartment building on Staroalekseevskaya street
  • “Replacement” Project
  • Residential complex
  • Residential complex “Dutch Quarter”