Residential house in the Kovensky Side-street Residential house in the Kovensky Side-street

Residential house in the Kovensky Side-street


Evgeny Gerasimov

Evgeny Gerasimov /

Design Team
Lead Author: Eugene Gerasimov. Chief architect: Z.Petrova. Head of the group of architects: E.Reznikova. Architects: Orlova-Scheiner, O.Manov, A. Gvozdik. Designed by: Y.Reznitchenko. Head of group of designers: N.Alekseeva. Constructors: T.Belova, M.Inger, D.Astapchik, A.Koblov, T.Lebedev. Engineering sections: LLC "Advance-I" Chief Project Engineer: N. Grazhdanova

Partners and Clients
"Renaissance of St. Petersburg" Housing Corporation about this project:


Julia Tarabarina. Gentleman and Hi-tech

Concrete and glass, stylization and modernity, catholic romanticism and hi-tech metal... Eugene Gerasimov has been able to tie all of these themes into one consistent image.

Residential house in the Kovensky Side-street Eugene Gerasimov and Partners The Kovensky Side-street is located in what can be considered not quite the tourist but still visitor-friendly area of Saint Petersburg, between the Liteiny and the Lig...   more


Evgeny Gerasimov,

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