Sergey Kisselev

Sergey Kisselev:

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Crystallization of a Junction

Julia Tarabarina. Crystallization of a Junction

At the junction of Moscow Ring Road and the Rublev Shosse, the construction of an administrative and business center designed by Sergey Kiselev has been completed.
Three colors: white

Anna Martovitskaya. Three colors: white

“Sergey Kiselev & Partners” the architectural bureau has completed the interior project of the public zones of an apartment complex at Ostozhenka. For the building with for different facades the architects chose a mostly white minimalist interior.
Clinic: a particular case

Nikolai Kirillov. Clinic: a particular case

Since late last year the architectural studio “Sergey Kiselev & Partners” has been working on the objects of a mixed-use tourist complex “Lefkadia”. One of the most remarkable of them is going to be the 100 room “Natural Healing Clinic “which architecture, at the insistence of the client, is designed with "Crimean-Tatar-Tuscan" motives.
White Lightning

Anna Martovitskaya. White Lightning

Architectural studio "Sergei Kiselev & Partners” designed a mixed-use complex of 13500 thousand sq m In Sevastopol. It houses shops, cafes, cinemas and offices, and is like a gallery open under the southern sky – buildings will be thread on axis of the new pedestrian street going down to the sea, it will run within the existing city-block.
Moscow green yard

Anna Martovitskaya. Moscow green yard

"ROT FRONT" confectionery manufacturer is one of the largest industrial enterprises located in the centre of Moscow. It was long decided to move such industries out of the historical city area. “Guta Development “, investor of the factory complex reconstruction, has already gained considerable experience in such kind of industries conversion. The famous "Krasny Oktyabr” [Red October] was turned into a mixed-use area, in the place of "Rot Front" there will be a business class residential complex designed by “Sergey Kiselev & Partners”.

Anna Martovitskaya. Simple

"Sergey Kiselev & Partners” architectural studio designed a new residential city-block for Tekstilschiki district in Moscow. It consists of 6 apartment towers. Volumes with simple forms and coloring are expected to be the ornament of the district. The architects purposely made them simple in order to make the process of filling the shy visual environment gradual and delicate.
Dungeon of Bacchus

Anna Martovitskaya. Dungeon of Bacchus

“Sergei Kiselev & Partners” designed three absolutely different projects of wineries in Krasnodar sky region. With the latest technologies, this complex will become not only a new centre of wine production and a museum of winemaking traditions of Southern Russia.
Further Mathematics

Anna Martovitskaya. Further Mathematics

Marfino residential district located in the north-east of Moscow, made into the recent history as a huge area of typical housing development. However, it was not such before: the concept was totally changed a few times, from elite to “economy-class” real estate. "Sergey Kiselev & Partners” was in charge of the next to last reincarnation of Marfino.
Mountain speaking to the mountain

Anna Martovitskaya. Mountain speaking to the mountain

Architectural studio “Sergei Kiselev & Partners” took part in the open international contest on the best business center project with the hotel Intercontinental in Yerevan. In their design the architects interpreted it as a new Armenian capital height dominant, which begins a dialogue with the famous Ararat mountain.
Tartan pattern

Anna Martovitskaya. Tartan pattern

Upon the project of “Sergei Kiselev and partners” there will be constructed a business centre consisting of nine variable-height buildings at the cross of Serpuhovsky Val and Shabolovka street. Designed entirely for offices and placed tightly the buildings however will not transfer the area into another “City”, thought they are very similar to is scale, coloring and character.

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Buildings and Projects: New Additions

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  • Vander Park residential complex
  • «Danilovskaya Manufactory»
  • “Replacement” Project
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  • “Olympic Hall”Business Center
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  • Residential complex ′Andersen′